A Feeling of Home



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10

Didn't make me feel

Am not a fan of Jonna Walsh and the story didn't sound anything special. Hallmark though did have some good films in all their 2019 seasonal blocks and have more than often done wonders with formula heavy premises, though all the blocks had misses too. Am also familiar with Robby Benson and have liked some of his previous work, especially his outstanding voice work as Beast in Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'. So 'A Feeling of Home' was watched with very mixed expectations.

While not being a catastrophe and Hallmark did do worse films in 2019, 'A Feeling of Home' didn't do it for me. The 2019 Countdown to Summer films were not too great on the most part, though 'A Paris Romance'/'Paris, Wine and Romance' was quite enjoyable, and 'A Feeling of Home' is a contender for the worst of the block. There are a few halfway decent things here, but also a lot of bad and the worst of the bad things are pretty awful.

Shall begin with the good. Nathan Parsons and David Lewis give game performances, which is more than their material deserve.

The scenery is also beautiful.

Everything else is significantly less so. Walsh really overdoes her very annoying character, too many overdone character traits (mostly negative) and Walsh exaggerates them. Benson looks very stiff and didn't look happy to be there. There is no chemistry between Walsh and Parsons, with the two of them looking awkward together it felt. Didn't find myself caring for any of the characters, there is nothing to them in development (nothing that we haven't seen before at least) and they didn't appeal in personality, either having little or having one that grates.

Furthermore, there is very little charm or warmth to the story, which is very thin, over-simple and at times near non-existent. As well as dully paced, and what there is of the story is basically a tired variation of a well worn formula. The script is full of awkwardness and has an overwhelming stench of cheese. There are too many attempts at comedy and pretty much all the comedy jars, some not being placed well too, and is overdone. While the scenery is beautiful, the photography and such is pretty drab and on the cheap side. The music is on the treacly and overused side.

In summary, very weak. 3/10.

Reviewed by omijer 5 / 10

Sadly, Not One of Hallmark's Best

For a regular, devoted Hallmark viewer, Saturday night original movies are often looked forward to as new, exciting, innovative romantic offerings. Unfortunately, this film was not one of those. The storyline was familiar..successful young female star returns home..(one of Hallmark's very over-used scenarios)..because her father has had an accident and cannot run his business..She encounters an old lost love, and the rest of the film leads the viewer to finding out how the young woman resolves her old, unfinished romance, saves her father's business (in this case a Texas farm), and manages to find a way to stay "home" rather than return to her successful life in another city. The formula often works..but is becoming over-used in order to fit into the Hallmark niche. A large deterrent in this film was the poor acting. The hero's contrived Texas accent was so broad that many of his lines were blurred and incomprehensible. The father's stiff acting was never convincing or genuine. He sounded as if he was reading his lines from a poster board. It felt sad to see and aging Robbie Benson brought back in such an unsympathetic role. The young leading actress did her best with such poor material..using smiling as a form of acting. Interestingly one of the most impressive performances in this film was offered by David Lewis, a very familiar Hallmark star..usually seen as the second male lead, the rejected suitor, the innocent loser. In this film, he gets a chance to appear strong, decisive, and mature as a business tycoon with firm decisions and a serious demeanor. What a refreshing delight! For this viewer, he carried the film, being cast beside the shallow performances of the three main leads. This is pleasant diversion for a rainy evening, but it is surely not worthy of a Saturday night prime time Hallmark presentation.

Reviewed by rightisright 2 / 10

Two stars for Robby Benson.

Flat, stale, poorly acted, badly written. Hallmark should be ashamed that they put this amateurish production on the air. At least Robby Benson got some work. Good to see him again.

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