A Killer Within


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38% · 500 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.0/10 10 830 830


Top cast

Sean Young as Rebecca 'Becky' Terrill
C. Thomas Howell as Addison Terrill
Denise Boutte as Hitchhiker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by texasjoe48 9 / 10

A KILLER plot and more...

I played a small role in this movie as a lawyer in the courtroom. It was exciting to watch Sean Young, C. Thomas Howell, and Dedee Pheiffer work together in a film. The cast had real chemistry, and it all came together well after the editing. The plot kept you guessing who was the real culprit. The script was well written, and the production was good to be a part of. I have watched it five times and each time I learn something different that I did not see before. I would recommend this film. This just shows that independent films have merit, and that a low budget does not mean anything is being sacrificed in the process. Good films are being made outside of California, and New York allowing unknown writers and actors to find a market and an audience.

Joe L.Blevins

P.S. Also, I wanted to say that many people have been so negative over this movie. It seems that few have tried to write a script as I have, (or a book) and tried to act in a decent movie premise. This has flaws as most any other movie has, but for the most part I have a better appreciation to understand what all goes into the production from the git-go, and perhaps others need to try to understand the process better before they throw in the towel, and start bad-mouthing a certain production. (It is better than the remakes of television shows, into flaky movies.) This was better than the standard fare of premises, and to see people like Ben Browder, and Sean Young and such, was really exciting. But still your opinion is your opinion, like it, or lump it. It's your choice.

Reviewed by markymark70 3 / 10

A killer within?....pity he didn't kill the production.....

I read some comments on IMDb re: a new film, a comeback film for Howell. Naturally I was interested but now after viewing the said movie - I am very disappointed.

The story line wasn't too bad really. It had some twists and turns and the whole thing seemed reasonable - if read on paper. But on the screen it just did not wash. I don't know if this was because the director et. al. fouled it up or if indeed the script was a turkey from day one. A bit of both I suspect.

The way the film started was enough to put any prospective viewer off in the first five minutes. It was lensed like some soft-porn movie. Sumptuous buildings, slow moving scenes, over-acting, dialog that would make a murderer blush and a score that grates on your mind from the first touch of the cheap keys of a synthesizer.

Howell is so unconvincing here it is unreal. He was supposed to be a District Attorney who packed it in for a successful law firm run with his best buddy. I wouldn't give this guy a parking ticket to sort out for me. He no more looked like an ex-DA/lawyer than Mickey Mouse. Oh and for his jumping to conclusions during the movie about who killed his wife - if he carried on like that when he was a DA - 99% of his cases would be incorrectly tried.

Browder plays his part so sullenly - I reckon he actually knew what a turkey this film was but could not get out of it. Sean Young was Sean Young - irritating. I have never liked her to be honest so I am a little biased here but she wasn't around long enough for her to totally spoil things for me. The film managed that all on it's own.

Too many things to dislike about this movie - plot holes you could drive a truck through, the acting (just watch the supposed bad guy killer with the long hair for a master class in terrible acting), the music, the situations (Howell goes to the bad side of town and gets his car nicked) all smell like last week's tuna dinner. Reeking.

A comeback? You gotta be joking. Howell has done worse stuff than this (The Sweeper anyone?) but he's lucky to still be working at all if this is his ambition.


Reviewed by kirby-39 3 / 10

Are we watching the same film?

I wouldn't call this the next great mystery thriller, nor would I call it total garbage. It falls somewhere in between, but at the lower end of the 10-star system. It had its moments, and, yes, Sean Young is still hot! (And an under-rated actress), but the plot and its "multiple endings" were not the best. A better script might have helped. I'm not going to diss folks who tried to make an independent film outside of Hollywood. At least they didn't do a remake of the Beverly Hillbillies, Welcome Back Kotter, or Bewitched. They tried to be original. (Note to self: Original does not always translate to good.) Give the film a chance and watch it for yourself.

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