A Thousand Cuts



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Olesya Rulin as Melanie
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Reviewed by krobpa 10 / 10

A Thousand Cuts to Your Psyche

Any film can be a slasher film. Any film can be a psychological thriller. Not every film can take the context of a slasher film creator and build into a psychological thriller about truth, love, life and death. We knew Michael O'Keefe was good. What we discover is the new Michael, Michael A. Newcomer, isn't only just as good but in some ways even better. Michael makes us love to hate him from the first frame. Then we hate to love him at the end. This is a film worth checking out. You should also check out Michael A. Newcomer's reel. It's one you will love to love.

Reviewed by DaveHaggertyii 7 / 10

If you like horror movies, this is not your movie...if you like movies, you might like this!

If you are a fan of movies that are concentrated on performances and script (12 angry men) and not on big names and violent actions, this movie is for you. Here is a well written movie that was shot in 10 days and by no means does it feel like that. Supporting Actor Michael A Newcomer is a stage actor and his art works well on his first attempt on screen.

This movie will make you think, it'll make you laugh, it'll make you surprised. A nice twist of events and it leaves you wondering...who is the protagonist? Check it out and you wont be disappointed. Plus, you can say you saw a real independent film.

Reviewed by trainerbt1 10 / 10

One Evening's Journey

A Thousand Cuts introduces us to the world of Lance, a successful horror director throwing a typical over-the-top Hollywood "celebrate me/love me" party. Once Michael O'Keefe shows up as the creepy stalker-type villain Frank, the lights go out, and you feel like you know exactly where this movie is going. But you probably couldn't be further off-base. Once the guests disperse, Michael A. Newcomer masterfully reveals Lance not to be the shallow, one-dimensional Hollywood stereotype he appeared to be, but an intelligent man who fully recognizes what a farce of a world he's living in ... what a fake world ... yet one he's taking advantage of while he can. Unfortunately for Lance, while it is a farce of a world, it's far from fake, and his movies have reached very real points and affected more lives than he ever intended. In seeking eye-for-eye retribution for copycat harm that befell his daughter, Frank terrorizes Lance, ultimately taking both of them on an evening's journey toward recognizing responsibility and realizing what's truly important in life.

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