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Bruce Greenwood as Nick Terrio
Kate Jackson as Katie Nast
Kelly Rowan as Eliza Terrio
Kenneth Welsh as Guy Nast
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Reviewed by dansocean 9 / 10

A good boat movie

This is a similar movie to that of "Dead Calm". There are not many movies with this story line so it was nice to see on TV years ago. The acting and story were good. The movie had some twist and made it really good. This isn't the movie with all the G.I. Computer fake stuff! It was shot in New Zealand. Give it a chance if you like boat movies! I got it on DVD!

Reviewed by jamiecostelo58 3 / 10


Adrift really ought to sail away and never return. When I first watched this a few years ago now, I thought to myself how can a well known Hollywood actress like Kate Jackson even contemplate accepting a role in such drivel? The suspense IS there in Adrift, and we can certainly believe that we do not know what is going to happen, no matter how hard we try and guess, but the cheap and 'cheerful' image Adrift gives out lets the side down. This film is basically a low budgeted version of the 1988 thriller Dead Calm, but the sense of loneliness and eeriness in that film never materialises in Adrift, and viewers will always realise the limit in budget and the weak unpretentious script.

Reviewed by dansocean-349-194279 10 / 10

Worth a watch!

Even tho its a TV movie its quite good. If you like Dead Calm then you will like this one. Since there are not many boat movies like it. Hard to find on DVD and not available on Blu-ray. Most likely will not see on Netflix. Anyway back to the movie. It does have a good story and kept me interested. I love boats and sailing and this kinda thing does happen around the world, probably more then we know. I'm lucky since I have 2 copies of this movie!

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