After the End


Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi

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Keston John as Additional Voice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wimpysgarage 4 / 10

Good student film

Agree with other reviews, acting was good, cinematography was most excellent, plot, dialog and some sequences were reeeeeally bad.

If you go in thinking it was a high school film project, you will be impressed. If you pay to see it your inner Karen will likely come out.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

The New Normal

Addison (Justin Dwayne Hall) is a 17-year-old prepper in Oklahoma. He survives the "stripes" pandemic by wearing a mask, gloves, and living alone. When his garden is destroyed by animals and his pump stops working, he opts to travel to his Uncle Izzy, a marine prepper. He doesn't take the direct route because of rat infestation, but goes through hillbilly country when he meets a girl (Alex Frnka) and trouble.

The film was on the boring side. I imagine they attempted to be realistic. Seems to me matches and Bic lighters would be plentiful and one wouldn't have to run two stones together.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.

Reviewed by rbstern 3 / 10

Wasted potential

I love post-apocalyptic dramas, so I tend to give less-critical reviews of films in this genre.

Unfortunately, I can't do that with this film. It has very good potential, but the script and editing are dreadful. The story has incoherent scenes and sequences, along with implausible plot lines. It feels amateurish. There is some decent acting, and some of the cinematography is very good.

It's a low budget movie, and understandably, that makes it hard to do everything necessary to make a quality film. The script and the editing are usually the things that can be salvaged on a low budget, but wasn't done here.

What we're left with is a good potential story that is badly told, not so much by the actors, but by the director and editor.

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