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Michael A. Goorjian as Charlie Bakhchinyan
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Reviewed by aragasparyan-14723 10 / 10

A+ for Amerikatsi

I just finished watching Amerikatsi & felt compelled to immediately write a review. This is the best film I've seen all year. Michael Goorjian's performance was Oscar-worthy. Truly spectacular! The storyline was so touching - we all got emotional. Armenians have collectively been in mourning since the 2020 Karabagh war but this film gives us a healthy distraction from the trauma & reminds us that even though we've gone through endless hardships, we always persevere & never lose hope. This is a movie for everyone, not just Armenians. It's a movie that all your family & friends can enjoy, regardless of skin color or religious background. Amerikatsi will leave a mark on your heart.

Reviewed by sxxnbywv 10 / 10

Wow! A Masterpiece

I just finished watching this movie with my husband and I have no words. Truly magnificent! I felt so many emotions. It was so beautifully done that the same scene that made me sad turned into humor and laughter the next minute. And the way the main character looked out the window from his prison cell and learned about his culture was so cleverly done. Amazing acting, beautiful costumes, clever lines. I highly recommend this movie and already told so many of my friends to watch this. My parents would definitely enjoy this movie as well considering they grew up in the Soviet Union up to the point it collapsed.

Reviewed by nanaz-71996 10 / 10

Very touching and timely

Poignant film, especially now with the usual geopolitical issues going on in Armenia. A quiet, charming movie. It's been a while since I've seen something like this. No super heros in sight! There's an underlying sense of longing and the observations from his window are very telling. Interesting way of storytelling and filmmaking. I think a lot of Armenians in the diaspora can relate but the film speaks to people who have curiosity of places they've never been, which seems completely counterintuitive but I think a lot of viewers can identify with the themes in this movie. While it's not available at the average neighborhood cineplex, it's worth seeking out.

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