Amityville: Vanishing Point



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Lloyd Kaufman as Elron Randall, an Intellectual
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Reviewed by Platypuschow 2 / 10

Amityville Vanishing Point: Definetly among the worst of the Amityville movies

Vanishing Point wasn't easy to find, took me a fair while and sadly my search did not pay off.

This pitifully amateurish effort is further example of why the Amityville name needs to be trademarked or something needs to be done to cease this endless influx of dreadful cashins.

Set in a boarding house a bunch of people starting dropping dead and yadayada has some connection to Amityville.

The cast are dreadful, the editing is painful and the whole thing is an embarassment in film making.

It's not about the budget, I appreciate limitations imposed on film makers but this is just poorly made and would have been regardless.

Everyone involved should consider an alternative career choice.

The Good:


The Bad:

Bad sound editing

Terrible video editing

Moronic story

Awful acting

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I have one final Amityville movie to watch, after that I think I'm going to pretend any future releases don't exist for the sake of my sanity

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 1 / 10

Deep hurting

Shot in seven days for $1,000, this movie has Lloyd Kaufman acting in it. I'm sure you realize that the moment that I read that I debated either suicide or shutting the movie off, whatever would remove me from the equation.

Then again, director Dylan Mars Greenberg was only 18 when it was made. But man - this movie makes the Dark Brothers production quality look like Josef von Sternberg.

The Amityville legend lives on - of course it does - when a resident of a local boarding house dies under mysterious circumstances. This film follows her two besties, her sister and the owner of the boarding house as they attempt to discover who killed her. Or maybe she's still alive. The detective trying to solve the case - who wants to be a cowboy and talks to his baseball cards - might be insane. And the house is turning on everyone.

92 minutes that will try your very soul. I can make it through a lot of painful movies, but this movie felt like a penance for making fun of other films. I should have followed the lead of Father Tom in Amityville II: The Possession and taken the phone off the hook, shut off the TV and just went skiing instead.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 1 / 10

We are basement

A woman dies from what appear to be iodine stains on her wrist. An odd detective shows up to investigate a group of women.

This is made by "Disck" pictures and somewhere a clever 7th grader is getting a high-five for coming up with that. The credits introduce the bands who supply us with a horrible sound track except for one good song. The acting and dialogue were bad. There is a large fake male organ that ejaculates "face on" making this somewhat "X" rated. There is also the typical "R" stuff such as F-words and topless females getting it on.

To be kind to the film would be to describe it as "arthouse" which means it was bad and I have no idea what they were trying to accomplish.

Congratulations if you make it past 7 minutes. You get a punch on the hackers card for sitting all the way through it without using the FF/skip buttons. Filmed on Staten Island, close enough to Amityville for you non-New Yorkers.

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