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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

bad sound design

A group of scientists goes to the southern continent. It's a nature documentary using IMAX. Various science centers used to make these shorter films to show in their IMAX theaters. This one seems to be an Australian production. The visuals look great especially if it's shown on the big screen. On the hand, I hate the sound designs. It is too bombastic and overly dramatic. When it tries to be comedic, it sounds stupid. The narration sounds fine. They need to rethink the sound.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

IMAX - the early days

Antarctics is a 25-year-old documentary written and directed by John Weiley (probably his most known work so far) from 1991 and as usual with IMAX it runs for roughly 40 minutes. It takes us to the coldest regions of the planet this time as we get an insight into Antarctica. Unfortunately, it is not really a nature documentary, but tells us more about how people work at the South pole these days and what it means in the larger picture. That's why I did not like it as much as I hoped. I would have preferred more animal photography. But that is just personal preference. Maybe it is exactly the other way around for you. And even if I was not blown away by this little film, I still see its value as a documentary. Back in the early 1990s, these films were still narrated by not too famous people, even if Alex Scott has a fair share of films under his belt. All in all, a decent watch. I recommend it.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

IMAX in the Antarctic

Absolutely love nature documentaries and plenty of those made into IMAX short films were quite good and more. As well as that, another big reason to see 'Antarctica' to me was Antarctica itself. It's a beautiful and unforgiving place, plenty of habitats are those things but not many as much as the Antarctic. It is a place that has been visited many times in documentaries, but it is so fascinating and have often learnt something new each time it's covered.

Really do wish though that 'Antarctica' was better. Have generally been impressed by the IMAX documentary short films, but this is one of the few to not do much for me. While having no issues with the visuals or animals, other documentaries have educated and interested me a lot more and the things that the IMAX documentary short films varied a lot on are failures here in 'Antarctica' and in a way that's big enough to bring things down significantly.

Beginning with the good, the production values are exemplary. The Antarctic scenery is a wonder and is as beautiful and unforgiving as ever and spectacularly photographed. The IMAX doesn't cheapen anything.

Did love the animals, ones that are diverse in size and whether prey or not, and there are parts that are charming and cute.

Unfortunately, 'Antarctica' is let down badly by the constant and overbearing music and that the already cheesy narration writing is delivered in too jokey a way that is really at odds with what's going on screen and constantly took me out of the setting.

Pacing is a major issue too, 'Antarctica' does try to cram in and cover far too much, which means that the whole thing feels very rushed and severely under-developed. Also wasn't really educated that much, very little here that covers any new ground and it felt over-familiar. Subtlety wasn't a strong suit either, some of the delivery felt too heavy.

In summary, disappointing. 4/10.

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