Bang Bang Betty



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by directortim2012 9 / 10


I had such a great time with this movie! My girlfriend and I watched it together and both thought it was pretty awesome. A really great crime/drama/action movie. It felt raw and real at times. But big and cool, like a Tarantino movie at other spots. The action was really well choreographed. I don't know if there were professional stunt people involved with this movie, but either way, the actors totally sold the action and made it all seem real. The lead character was cool and kick-ass. Few things are as much fun as watching a badass woman kick ass against the bad guys. I enjoyed the film from beginning to end!

Reviewed by derrickdedmon 1 / 10

D Movie at best

Where do I start?! The terrible writing. The terrible story. The terrible acting and The terrible direction. Only a simpleton would be entertained by this, if you could call it one? This director stays making D-Movies. From the stupidity of "Bearry" to the disaster known as "Something in the Woods", one has to ask, how in the hell does this guy keep making films?

How does a lawyer takes the law into her own hands and dishes out justice? How is said attorney not know of her supposed boyfriend's illegal activity? Who the hell is this Ray character? Why does Ray's daughter flip-flop so damn much? The entire cast needs acting lesson! Oh yeah! What's with the CGI explosions?

Again, only an imbecile, a simple minded idiot who doesn't know one iota about movies inside and out, will be entertained by this pass poor movie.

Reviewed by kjs1144 9 / 10

Epic Action, Drama

Bang Bang Betty is an interesting action/suspense/drama with a very strong and fascinating female protagonist. Kiara, the main character, is a veteran and a lawyer, and an all around cool woman. Kakra Nunoo-Brown gives a fantastic performance as Kiara Sommers, and really makes the audience root for her in her quest. I thought the filming locations were excellent, very cinematic and interesting. The cinematography was also excellent, along with some pretty epic drone shots of the landscapes. The gun shootouts were really well done and I thought the special effects were solid, especially the blood.

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