Beautiful Beast



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Top cast

Shona Kay as Isabelle Elliott
Brad Johnson as Jeremy Edmunds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kellyjackson062 6 / 10

Good movie

I love a good love story and like the character arcs of the two main characters. I think that she would have been better on skis since the rich ski all the time. I grew up with rich people so that is unrealistic. As behavior goes, she is not the worst person in the movie. Everyone in the movie is unkind at times and some of the dialogue proves that other people who seem to be good people can also be unkind and say unkind things. Another thing, she said that she makes appearances at charity events. The last charity event she went to was not what a rich person calls a charity event but she worked at a soup kitchen. That is not what the rich mean by a charity event. The foundation. What is that? Do they just work at soup kitchens? or do they head up donations for the poor? But it was great seeing the two main characters change and fall for each other. Well, it has many good points.

Reviewed by jewelch 8 / 10

Loved it.

Acting okay; premise of rich girl brat a bit over the top... Love interest in mountain cabin making birdhouses and was doing a good job. ; also no animals other than a few muffled growls in the woods 'Beauty' wants best of everything but supposedly Five Star resort from which she wanders never seems to wonder why she doesn't return -- for two whole weeks! If this is what 'rich and famous' gets a single female traveler in the way of security maybe traveling coach isn't such a bad deal. ..... Don't expect brilliant screenplay in this genre, but it does seem a bit of editing wouldn't have been amiss in this one. James Welch Henderson Arkansas. 5/8/21.

Reviewed by dblackman70 7 / 10

Not much like B & B, but, adorable

I loved this film. It was adorable. Brad Johnson was gorgeous as the leading man and the two leads had good chemistry. It was romantic

While it was barely (almost nothing like) Beauty and the Beast, it was lovely

I'm a sucker for movies like these and big budget Hollywood just don't make them anymore. They're all lewd jokes and sex and violence so it's wonderful to see a romantic and touching movie about falling in love.

I could always watch movies like these so it's a joy to find a surprise like this that I can own and watch again and again and still enjoy it. I wish they could just make more movies with likable leads and a nice story everyone can enjoy, but, they just don't seem to anymore

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