Believer 2

2023 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 5.6/10 10 966 966


Top cast

Hyo-Joo Han as Big Knife
Tzi Ma as Professor Lee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulyew-45125 3 / 10

An absolute mess

The original Believer (Dokjeon) was very good. It's not flawless, but definitely worth watching. It was no surprise when it was announced that they would make another movie based on the original story. While many expected what would be a sequel, the director decided to make a "midquel." Okay, so the new movie is trying to fill in some of the events and details that make the first movie to make the entire story a more complete story. Well, the problem is that you have a different director, different actor playing one of the lead role, many of the characters that made the first move so interesting have already died, etc. Even with these obvious flaws, they had a chance to create a decent movie here. But no... This movie completely ignores some of the fundamental storylines from the first movie. There are so many plot holes that it seems the director who made the second movie did not even watch the first movie. Very, very disappointing for a movie that many fans had eagerly anticipated.

Reviewed by chakrittna 1 / 10

Episode 1 ended well.

The characters have changed actors from the first part. Make the character change the caractor as well. For example, the character Seo Young Rak (as Jun-yeol Ryu) who is calm, smart, and difficult to guess, changes to look very normal. And without charm. I think the director changed the actor from Jun-yeol Ryu to Seung-Hoon just because he could speak Chinese. To match the content of Mr. Lee is Chinese .And Jin Ha Rim's character was crazy and cruel in the previous movie. They become different people in this part. The content of the movie it doesn't make sense, it's messy, and it ruins the good ending scene in Part 1 that was already shown. Changed for the worse.

Reviewed by accordchiang 3 / 10

A Huge Let-down

The first movie, "Believer 2018" was quite interesting due to its suspense & plot twist. This sequel, unfortunately, was a total let-down. Not even A list stars like Cho Jin Woong, Han Hyo Joo or even veteran supporting actor Jo Han Chul could save this film.

The continuation of the storyline was lame. Han Hyo Joo just acted like a madwoman. Cho Jin Woong's character behaved like a rookie policeman, a downgrade of the heroic cop from the first film. Cha Seung Won was still the same villain as the first movie.

The characters spoke so much Mandarin but unconvincingly as the Korean accent was still obvious. There's even a guy who looks like Xi Jin Ping here.

The standout performer of this show has got to be Oh Seung Hoon, who replaced Ryu Joon Yeol as Rak. He played out the backstory of Rak well and performed as good as his predecessor. I was about to give up halfway, but Oh Seung Hoon carried the show well.

In a nutshell, don't bother watching this, unless you have too much time to kill.

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