Black Noise


Action / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cynvanity 8 / 10

Entertaining flick

Black Noise is that kind of movie you'd watch with your buddies on a Friday night, expecting some solid action and a bit of a thrill. The action is pretty sick and the island vibes give off this cool, edgy feel.

Now, it's not all perfect. The dialogue can be kind of cheesy, and some characters feel like they needed more juice in their backstory. But honestly, I think people have been way too harsh on it. It's a decent flick, especially if you're not overthinking it. The action keeps you hooked, and even with some predictable moments, it's still a good time. Bottom line - Black Noise is worth a watch. Don't expect some deep, life-changing story, but for a couple of hours of entertainment? It does the job pretty well. Definitely a cool movie to check out, especially if you're into stuff that keeps the adrenaline pumping.

Reviewed by stevelivesey-37183 1 / 10

Catastrophically bad. Don't bother.

So, What was the weapon/monster? Don't know.

Why was Alex Pettyfers character late to the initial meeting and what was he recovering from? Don't know. (Gets explained in the last 5 minutes)

Why wasn't Alex pettyfers character affected by the noise? Don't know.

Why could he see the monsters/people/enemy? Don't know

Why were two female soldiers in an elite army unit crying a lot? Don't know.

Made with a micro budget for the weak of mind by extremely untalented people. Why would the actors say yes to this nonsense? Don't know.

No idea why this was green lit, but I will make a note of everyone involved and make sure never to watch anything made by them again.

Reviewed by godsnumber2 1 / 10

Utter garbage

It seems Alex Pettyfer has plummeted to the depths of despair in his career.... Truly awful movie with undoubtedly the worst Special forces team on the planet, facing an enemy whose only real threat appears to be a high powered dog whistle and the ability to make the camera man appear to have a seizure!

Your never quite sure what the 'enemy' even is, I guess you could say it's Alien however it's just appears to be a guy in black clothes and a weird hat on.

It always amazes me that at some point, some writers , directors and actors got round a table and probably thought this movie was a good idea, who even funds this crap??

I sat through the whole thing, my wife isn't speaking to me now, so I took one for the team so you don't have to. Your welcome!

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