Blue Bloods


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.7/10 10 45506 45.5K

Top cast

Willa Fitzgerald as Lacey Sutherland 1 episode, 2014
Bobby Cannavale as Charles Rosselini 3 episodes, 2010-2011
Erik Jensen as Jimmy 1 episode, 2014
Mimi Rogers as Trudy Slaughter 1 episode, 2017
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CryptoGuy 7 / 10

BB Good Show

Well, I have to say, I really enjoyed the pilot episode of Blue Bloods. It has a great cast, some good writing, and the cinematography is wonderful. Blue Bloods is definitely the best of all the new cop shows premiered this season.

I will have to agree with the originality gripe I read on another review. The show would do well without it. Making it about the family more than the crimes is the key winner here. No need to muck it up with conspiracies. However, it has been introduced and we'll have to ride it out.

If you are looking for a new show to watch, I highly recommend Blue Bloods. Nice job.

Reviewed by eajanette-31780 8 / 10


This is an amazing show, that has great stories, great actors and is always relevant. Watching the world through the lens of the family is a great take on what is happening in the world, and helps to show what great police can be.

Reviewed by socrfan-80182 4 / 10

Seen one episode you've seen them all.

Jamie and Danny want Erin to bend the law and go nuts when she won't. Danny acts like a walking temper tantrum. Nearly every dinner they have to bicker with each other. The drink in a bar, they drink in a restaurant, they drink at the dinner table,and they drink in the evening. I'm surprised it's not a show about an alcoholic cop family. The show needs new writers since the ones they have seem stuck in a rut.

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