Bring Her to Me



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Reviewed by korkysyard 1 / 10

Bring Her To Me then fire her and everyone else responsible for this garbage.

I'm going to struggle here to use 600 letters to review this travesty to horror.

At first I thought maybe it's a tribute to bad 80s horror movies. Then I thought maybe it's a comedy or some sort of spoof. Then I moved onto thinking it's a TV movie or an episode of Goosebumps that ended up on the editors floor. Then I finally realised it's just one big bag of crapness.

The acting is as bad as anything I've wverseen along with the script.

The special fx and cgi are just laughable. You feel like they are seeing how much money they can save or they got a kid to do it as a school.project.

The characters are as forgettable as the actors themselves.

People on set really must have been laughing at some stage or just dreading their names will appear at the end.

Give this a huge miss if you value your time and senses.

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