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Reviewed by Rainey-Dawn 6 / 10

"Z" Haunted House Fun. Better Than I Guessed.

Amityville Horror "Z" grade rip-off, but it's fun! Really, the film is just terrible but it really does have it's moments, a few funny lines between characters, and it takes itself seriously without over doing it with seriousness.

I really expected this one to have me rolling my eyes at the stupidity - but instead I was able to kick back and enjoy the movie. It's awful but in a good way. I find that my favorite characters are both of the parents of the couple living in the house... they are quite a trip to watch, funny.

The movie is really only worth a 4 at best - but I did like it quite a bit and had fun watching so I have to give it a 6 out of 10 stars.


Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 2 / 10

Scary furniture!!!

I bet this film had a great poster. They must've spent the money on something.

This is an ultra-cheap knockoff of films like The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist. It's about a newly-wed couple who move into a new house in which the previous tenants – another newly-wed couple – died in a sort of suicide pact. It's not exactly like this is an original concept. The problem Carnage has primarily is that its ambition vastly outstrips its budget and talent. There are many, many ghostly occurrences depicted but 90% of them seem to be bits of furniture and gardening equipment moving slightly. Scary kettle! Scary paper! Scary candle! It's basically atrocious. There are a few gore scenes spliced into the story to liven things up but they are not exactly convincing; especially the scene where the burglar is disembowelled – his guts looks suspiciously like Chinese noodles. None of this would matter so much but the pacing of the film is bad and the overall effect is one of boredom.

It's difficult to recommend this unfortunately.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 3 / 10

Shut your damn dog up!

Those who claim that this is director Andy Milligan's best movie aren't really saying much: it's still a terrible film, just not quite as bad as the rest of his bilge.

A cut-rate Amityville-style haunted house story, Carnage opens with the double suicide of newlyweds Susan and Mark Webb (Deeann Veeder and Chris Georges). Three years later and the Webb's house is bought by young married couple Jonathan and Carol Henderson (Michael Chiodo and Leslie Den Dooven) who are clearly unperturbed by the incessant barking of a neighbour's dog.

However, after much unexplained spooky shenanigans, mysterious deaths, and constant yapping from the mutt next door, Susan and Mark eventually come to the conclusion that buying the house was a bad idea. Getting a priest round to their gaff doesn't stop the supernatural occurrences, but at least the dog shuts up for a while.

With lousy acting from all involved, and special effects limited to objects being moved by wires (some of which are clearly visible) and a fair amount of hokey gore (including a really laughable disembowelment, a meat cleaver in the head and a blood-free decapitation), this woeful ghost flick is strictly for fans of really bad movies.

The film ends with the Henderson's joining their other-worldly housemates by also committing suicide, after which, that bloody dog starts barking again.

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