Chocolate City



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60% · 5 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 3.9/10 10 1203 1.2K

Top cast

Vivica A. Fox as Katherine McCoy
Michael Jai White as Princeton
Carmen Electra as Club DJ
Robert Ri'chard as Michael McCoy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by angienaziya 7 / 10

Not so bad

I usually don't post, but before I bought the movie I read reviews, and they were scathing. They condemned this movie to hell, but it wasn't that bad.

I try to support African American and Indie films, and I have seen some bad ones... like really bad. I think it was a happy medium for those who want to watch independent films, but aren't extremely raunchy. I feel like they were still trying to catch some of the AA church patrons who buy indie films and help blow up Tyler Perry, so there is only so far that they could go. I like Robert Ri'chard as an actor, I think he did an excellent job. In my opinion, the script was predictable, but so is everything else now days. When was the last original horror film, and isn't everything coming out a remake or sequel just about. If you want to see black actors, who you otherwise don't get to see regularly in major motion pictures or on television, tell a familiar story with some music you can groove to while grinding their super sexy bodies, this will do it. No, it is not a major Hollywood production. Yes, it made me smile. Yes, it made me chuckle a little, and hell yes it made me want to go grab my man.

The movie was 3.99 on amazon to watch, I spend more than that on a burger. Why not support the AA movie movement and have a little fun in the process?

I just wanted to write to show some love for the work that these people did.

Reviewed by tmm_8705 10 / 10

Rated SC for Sexual Chocolate

What's for breakfast? When Mike Aka Sexy Chocolate looked into the camera, I thought he was looking right at me. All oiled up and raining dolla bills, this epic chronicle of urban dancers put the D in delicious. Whitey Soderbergh should be all over this piece of chocolate cinema. Black Dynamite? Nah. Trouble Man? Nuh uh. Shaft? Not enough! This has it all with Genuwine, BOLO the entertainer, Darrin Henson, MICHAEL JAI WHITE, and even Carmen Electra gets to shout out to the boyz! Vivica A Fox is amazing as Sexy Chocolate's mother, the only thing disappointing about this is that she doesn't deliver her chocolate milk. OH WELL. Michael JAI White plays the mentor that leads Sexy Chocolate the way to the stage and helps fulfill his dreams of good pay and hysterical black women with a few whiteys peppered in. If you take your coffee black, you will not be disappointed! Highest of recommends!

Reviewed by filmartst19 10 / 10

Sexual Chocolate!

I know people have been trying to compare "Chocolate City" and Magic Mike, for one they poke fun at magic mike in the film which I thought was funny and cute. Oh and two there is no comparison Chocolate city really is a better film. I have seen both films and Magic Mike really was the first of it's kind..."Male strippers" and that's why it received all the hype back then, but now I truly don't know why the film is so overrated.

"Chocolate City" really brings the heat in their dance scenes and will have any females or gay males melting. Straight guys should take notes rather than hating on the black males in the film which sadly I think part of the low rating may be due to racial bias. This film actually had a storyline that had an ending, the character had a purpose, struggles and resolution as a proper storyline should have. The acting was pretty good everyone was convincing and the dancers did I mention were amazing. I honestly want to throw my copy of "magic mike" in the trash. In this Film ALL the men could dance, move, grind, gyrate unlike Magic Mike where only Channing Tatum could do those things and the other men looked like they didn't even take any dance lessons.

Please Don't sleep on this film people of any ethnicity can enjoy it, so don't let that stop you because you will be missing out. Honestly, as a film major I am picky about films and I can assure you this one truly has a storyline that you can get into depending on your tastes. The previews for this film says it's magic mike with some chocolate, nope it's really in a class of it's own because Magic Mike didn't deliver on a storyline or sexy dance scenes, now like I said Channing Tatum was great, but it is ruined when his back up dancers can barely move, They went for popular actors in Magic Mike, but unfortunately those men had absolutely no dance training and were a bit embarrassing. Chocolate City did go for some popular men (Ginuwine, Tyson Beckford), but they made sure they had strippers that can actually dance and make any woman watching this swoon.

I compared the two films to clarify, I have seen both and while I really like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, The True Magic is in Chocolate City, Honestly if they flashed the guys privates I think females would have fainted, so it was better to be more discrete and just tease us, but you never know if they create a sequel there may be a chance. please note this is a movie about stripping and someone is in the center of that, so judge it for that...And don't judge the movie on the fact that it is an all African American cast...Judge it on the entertainment it brought to the table. So, the Verdict is in "Chocolate City" is 10x better than Magic Mike and overall it was a very entertaining Film that I plan on watching again and again.

P.S Bolo the Entertainer is Amazing, This film truly did the work and got a professional stripper who shows how to make it rain in chocolate city.

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