Christmas at the Holly Day Inn


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.2/10 10 96 96


Top cast

Colin Baker as Ben
Mark Arnold as Frank
Anita Dobson as Molly
Tamla Kari as Emma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pauldevall-27436 2 / 10

Terrible script

So many of these Christmas films follow the same tired formula. This is simply relocating the standard Hallmark/Reel One outside the US but hardly changing the structure and making no allowances for cultural differences.

Is this due to the strike in Hollywood?

Open the drawer and take out Script 101. "Strong but irritating/rude" female lead. Dopey male lead. Car breakdown, Misunderstanding. Standard denouement. Then all miraculously sorted out in time for love and marriage in less than a week...

Everyone works to save the Inn/Reindeer Farm/Ranch/Bakery/Whatever.

As for baking "cookies" in an English kitchen ...

Reviewed by timandjillsmith 1 / 10


One of the very worse Christmas films my wife and I have ever watched. Absolutely terrible storyline (can't really call it a storyline - the story is so weak and predictable and very unbelievable - difficult to believe that Oliver is being threatened with the sack if he doesn't get the deal signed!) and even worse acting which is incredibly poor. The main characters are the worst and come over extremely plastic and false. The weather is clearly springtime and the Christmas fair they go to is more like a summer fete. We nearly paid for it before it appeared on Channel five - thank goodness we didn't.

Reviewed by petebull-99994 1 / 10

Absolutely Awful

I love a Christmas film, cheesy, modern, British etc. But this is absolutely shocking. Embarrassing acting and writing, even sound and visual issues making it into the finished product. I'd advise watching any other Christmas film over this!

It's an attempt at a British version of an American hallmark classic/cheese, the trouble is it's poorly thought out and a doesn't work. America has this market cornered for a reason, snow, settings and seasoned actors who know the audience.

I don't really want to be negative about any film but this is probably the worst I've seen, even as a background film I can't see any redeeming qualities.

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