Christmas Keepsake



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Jillian Murray as Elizabeth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jenrn-09722 5 / 10

Liked it but too many discrepencies

I loved that Daniel Lissing used his actual accent in this one. There was so may things wrong with this - silly little things with continuity and plot holes. First, the grass is obviously fake in the yard (it looks like grren Easter basket grass), and the "time capsule" was sitting on the surface - therenwas no digging involved. There is no way the previous owner didn't notice a metal can on the ground next to the patio. Second, the first stop at the bakery for hot chocolate- that ran out out hot chocolate. No place does that. If it's so great, they'd make sure they have it at Christmas time. And if they make their own -they'd go to the grocery and get more ingredients. Made no sense -other than the excuse for the two leads to get together again. The writing was juvenile. When Tom and Elizabeth interact the first time she says" you're not from around here, are you"? Corny. Then says its not because of his Australian accent but because it's a small town. What?!?

Tom trying to put together a Christmas fair for his daughter, Grace, was a ridiculous plotline. A good amount of movie time was spent on it (phone calls and arrangements) only for it to fail - and the daughter didn't really seem to care. It just seemed strange that Tom fixated on it and then Grace barely reacted when he told her he couldn't make it happen. It felt like a blatant time filler. I didn't feel much chemistry with Tom and Elizabeth - and the mother kept pushing Elizabeth at Tom right from the start just felt uncomfortable when they barely know him. It was meant to be a feel-good movie and it was - where the fsughter was concerned. I like the Hallmark things Daniel Lissing has been in, and this was no exception. I would have preferred that Elizabeth act like she was a little more interested in Tom. It was a cute movie and an easy watch.

Reviewed by allmoviesfan 6 / 10

Another good one from GAC Family.

Another quality film from GAC Family, ironically starring Australia's Daniel Lissing - actually using his Aussie accent for a change, just like he's in 'Crownies', or something! - who was once something approaching a Hallmark poster boy for his role on When Calls the Heart.

In Christmas Keepsake he plays Tom, an Australian (not much prep work needed there!) who moves to a wintry small town in America with his daughter, Grace (played by Ellie Stewart, also an Australian).

When Grace finds a time capsule buried in their backyard, it connects them with Elizabeth (Jillian Murray, not an Australian!), who is grieving a loss just as Tom is.

If you've seen only even one of these movies, you probably don't need me to tell you what happens eventually...

This was a pleasant film about second chances and new Christmas beginnings.

Reviewed by nsvpnsz 10 / 10

Great storyline

Loved the storyline and the chemistry between the actors were great. Daniel Lissing never disappoints and I really liked him with Jillian in Christmas Keepsake. I really enjoyed hearing his homeland accent although I did have to listen carefully because I don't hear it often. I loved it. The actress who played his daughter did a terrific job as well. She and Daniel seemed to have a great working connection. They were fun to watch. The story was light but yet emotional with the hearts dealing with the loss of loved ones and moving forward. Most of us can relate to this especially at Christmas time.

One of the best GAC movies I've seen.

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