Christmas Time Capsule


Action / Romance

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Emily Alatalo as Tiffany
Lindura as Ashley
Liz Taylor as Bazaar Clerk
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Reviewed by larasjoy 2 / 10


Well, where do I start... I couldn't finish watching, sorry. This movie is an insult to one's intelligence. Both the script and acting are so poor that I don't feel bad anymore about AI taking over the movie industry: ChatGPT and synthetic performers would do a better job.

The lead actor's performance is particularly weak. Someone has to tell the guy that acting requires skills and talent (both missing here), and it's not just about memorizing text and repeating it in front of the camera. His narcissistic demenor doesn't help either.

The lead actress did a better job. It looks like she is a seasoned Christmas show dame. The actress must be in her early forties now and it shows, so maybe it's time to switch to a more appropriate genre. Anyway, some time wasted, and I'm switching to Christmas classics to heal the trauma:)))

P. S. The leads are a couple in real life: they hooked up on some other low-budget movie set and they use their real-life "love story" to promote this masterpiece :))) Cheesy stuff.

Reviewed by elrisathompson 10 / 10

Warmth, Love, Holiday Joy!

This movie follows James and Tiffany, best pals from their childhood days in the Midwest. James asks Tiffany for an engagement ring he gave her for safekeeping before he enlisted. He's got plans to propose to someone else, but their trip back home stirs up old emotions.

During their journey, they rediscover their connection. Some folks thought the actors didn't click, but I found their bond quite genuine.

I won't spill the beans on all the surprises, but trust me, this movie keeps you hooked. Some people had mixed reviews, but if you're up for a cozy, feel-good Christmas film about friendship and true love, this one hits the spot!

Reviewed by mrsbecthompson 2 / 10

No Chemistry in this Meh Movie

It is that time of year where I love to watch these type of Christmas movies. Randomly came across this one and let's just say I won't be adding it to my rewatch or recommendation list to friends. Bad acting is usually fine with these movies, but when the leads have zero chemistry whatsoever with each other, it makes this a big miss...

These two should not work together again. Not believable... The lead actress was fine, but the lead actor was not very good at acting. He should be a secondary actor at best as I did not believe him as a leading man as there was a smugness to him I did not enjoy. He would be perfect for the jerk boyfriend role, and not this.

The Tiffany character was way more unlikeable than the fiancé and I felt that there was no rooting interest in seeing these supposed best friends get together by the end of the film.

Much better options out there for your "Hallmark" Christmas movie marathons.

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