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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by habdulmalik-07357 6 / 10

sad how this generation depend on body enhancement to develop self esteem.

Without giving too much away, 'Clinic' emerges as an engrossing investigation of the protagonist's voyage through the unknown world of a subterranean clinic. It's a well-crafted picture, and the casting adds to the characters' realism. The main character's narrative struck a chord with me, forcing me to consider the reasons why women choose to alter their bodies. It delves further, focusing on problems such as childhood bullying and body image difficulties, indicating that these decisions are frequently founded in deeper, personal experiences.

The capacity of 'Clinic' to transcend the traditional horror movie stereotypes connected with subterranean clinics sets it distinct. It's not only about instilling terror; it also inspires thought. The film carefully weaves themes into its plot, prompting viewers to consider the reasons behind cosmetic procedures.

Reviewed by peter-p-scherr 1 / 10

Ignore the 10 star reviews. It's a stinker

Stripper wants a bigger butt because her colleagues get tipped more. She's refused because of some random immune condition that puts her at risk of complications. Luckily there's a cut price clinic that will give her the buttocks of her dreams. Unluckily for her the woman doing the surgeries is psychotic. Those prepared to endure this thing for an hour are rewarded with her rationale but frankly who cares. A social commentary on the need some women have for cosmetic surgery quickly devolves into a very bad thriller.

The acting ranges from poor to downright awful. Bad script, shonky camera work, cheap effects, there's just nothing redeeming here. Avoid.

Reviewed by elmaburybxp 10 / 10

Bitter Truth that is so obvious

According to the film, cosmetic operations are more than just a draw for women who are concerned about their appearance. These treatments are the product of societal pressures and girls who, for the most part, lack self-esteem. Lisa, the protagonist, becomes a victim of BBL surgery as a result of her colleagues' pressure to make more money from her dance career. Her companion, however, persuaded her not to go because of low social norms and phony social media. Throughout her childhood, her persistent dread of being ridiculed attacked her passion for her physique. Certain ladies were sucked into the pot of bogus beauty dreams even when she went to the clinic involved in illicit cosmetic surgery.

The film sends a strong message to women who adhere to false beauty standards by repeatedly harming their bodies in order to survive in a fictitious world. These cosmetic operations not only mutilate their bodies, but society also suppresses the virtue of individual self-love. Lisa was survived by a friend who was opposed to these operations, but what about the other women in our culture who have entirely succumbed to this ridiculous standard by losing sight of the value of their bodies.

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