Come Fly with Me


Action / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.7/10 10 425 425

Top cast

Niall Matter as Paul
Heather Hemmens as Emma 'Blitz' Fitzgerald
Ben Cotton as Cobra Smith
David Paetkau as Hawk Gilbert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MickyG333 8 / 10

Pilot mom meets down to earth dad

7.9 stars.

I'd watch this every other year if given the opportunity. 'Come Fly with Me' provides almost the perfect execution of a laid back family oriented 'Top Gun' meets Hallmark romance theme. By top gun I don't mean it's akin to the macho fighting male atmosphere featuring Tom Cruise, but more about the F-16 jet flying footage and stuff.

She is a pilot who performs in air shows, the best of the best, and he is a sporting goods store owner. They each have a daughter about the same age. The daughters immediately hit it off and become besties and begin scheming how to get their parents to fall in love; and the rest is history.

They spared no expense making this film. The angles and footage are top notch, the acting is sound, all the fundamentals measure up to near perfection for this genre (lighthearted and wholesome romance).

I hail this as one of the best films from Hallmark in years. Maybe not so much in the area of absolute feel good love and endearment, but more along the lines of overall superb production value and a solid presentation. The story is delivered without any noticeable errors and to my surprise is very entertaining. There is even a little bit of intense drama that fits seamlessly into the plot.

The only hitch in the whole falling in love plan is that mom's job requires her to relocate every couple of years, which does not accommodate starting a new family. Will they fall in love and will their love survive?

Reviewed by pchanning3 7 / 10

A good movie - could have been even better

A cute film with the usual Hallmark touches and flow - the denouement commencing at about the 90-minute mark. Overall, I enjoyed the film. Who doesn't enjoy Hallmark actors and filming locations? However, as both a retired U. S. Marine Corps fighter pilot and healthcare executive, I must take issue with whatever technical counsel film producers and director were given in the making of the film. Every USAF, Navy and USMC fighter pilot I've known and flown with has had that well-earned - some might even say - notorious characteristic of being bold and confident, perhaps even cocky. So, to those of us with a well-trained eye, Heather Hemmens came off entirely too much like a wet noodle. Finally, a doctors office and staff would never talk openly about another patient's health condition. A cute movie that might have been even better, more believable.

Reviewed by gfrasmd 8 / 10

A movie that flies well.

A single mom and a single dad find each other, with some help from their respective daughters. Stated as this, the movie could very well be one more light fare, uninspired romantic com, as I have come to expect from Hallmark in recent years. Happily, this one numbers in the shrinking tier of their better productions. The sentimental story is enriched by judicious doses of other interesting themes that are interwoven with the main plot, with proper balance. The mom, Emma, is a Thunderbird pilot, convincingly played by Heather Hemmens, which justifies the inclusions of spectacular acrobatic aerial stunts. The dad, predictably well done by Niall Matter, is a tender father, devoted to his daughter who is afflicted by a congenital heart malformation. Young Georgia Acken is adorable in this role and her immediate friendship with Emma's daughter, enjoyably portrayed by the other young actress, Pietra Castro, adds warmth to the action. There are necessary elements of drama, that should not be revealed to avoid spoilers, none overplayed and all quite appropriate. All of the main characters have endearing qualities and honest emotions, which contributes to render the film a wholesome show, one with more than sufficient elements of attraction for entire family viewing.

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