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Family / Fantasy / Musical

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pull_my_daisy79 10 / 10

fantasy, my little ones!

I was never sure what to say when people asked me what my favorite movie was, I mean there were lots of films I liked, but I always felt incomplete , different from the others because i had missed out on some major cinematic experience or something , that is until I popped in the tape and was introduced to my new best friend, and hero, Rem.

The movie has it all, action, adventure, mullets, singing, dancing, a scary floating head, a creepy shack in the woods, unfit parents, sexual tension, and even a black guy.

I am proud that this movie is not only a part of my collection, but rarely leaves the VCR itself. Its a great movie to watch on your own or with your friends, but if you watch it a lot on your own you may not have that many friends anyways. Thank you Phil W, for bringing such a wonderful gift into my life no i never had a friend like you!

Reviewed by agillette21 10 / 10

Rem Lazar has shown the true spirit of America

Rem Lazar has shown ed me that is i live like a windjammer i can only dream of his bluebell mullet. WHen i am dreaming of a dream i dreaming of the rem Lazar dreams. I want 2 Wake up next to rem. This movie is as true classic of the American dreams. I may b from other foreign but i stile love the rems. Now apparently this review calls for more than 10 lines, this is not what rem died for... he did not sacrifice his mullet for this. The manic violinist in the park also adds a nice touch to the spirit of this movie, I would also like to point out the black guy, first we land on the moon, now we finally get black people in movies?! Wow take that racism. In conclusion i am done

Reviewed by Victor_Fallon 10 / 10

We are all Rem Lezar

When I first heard Rem's beautiful singing, I immediately knew that the dreams (and future) of all of the world's children was in some hands.

I have memorized all of the words and sing Rem's songs loudly and consistently at my children while they eat their breakfast. I have done this every morning since 1989 and my children, who still live with me, smile and smile and smile and smile. It has significantly transformed our lives.

I recommend you succumb to Rem Lezar. We should all give in.

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