Dangerous Men


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 4.2/10 10 684 684

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jellopuke 2 / 10

How do you rate garbage?

This isn't one of those fun bad movies, it's just bad. BUT, it's bad in a way that you can't look away from. Almost no internal logic, time shifting, nonsensical editing changes and a plot that shifts completely 2/3's of the way through. It's like an alien tried to make a movie and failed miserably. See it, but only with people of like minds.

Reviewed by Scott_Mercer 1 / 10

It's No Samurai Cop...

This is one of the worst films I have seen. Not good. Not "bad good." Not "so bad it's good." Just bad. Not quite as bad as The Creeping Terror, Monster-A-Go-Go or The Guy From Harlem, but right up there as one of the premiere entries in the hall of amateurishness.

Unlike in something like Samurai Cop, which has a light tone and jokes in spite of (or more accurately, probably because of) its status as a low budget Lethal Weapon ripoff, Dangerous Men doesn't have any intentional humor (except for maybe the naked guy covering himself up with tree branches) and is trying to be the next Death Wish. Only it fails so miserably on all accounts, it makes Ed Wood look like David Lean.

There is really nothing to recommend it. The writing and directing are horrible. The actors are all painful to look at. Segments shot 20 years apart mean suddenly we're back in 1982, oops no wait, we jumped forward again. The story construction is abysmal and makes no sense, since segments shot decades apart were attempted to be stitched together into a single story (hackmeister Al Adamson was famous for doing this, but at least his movies weren't shot 20 years apart!). The sex scenes are not sexy. And that MUSIC! Not since Mesa of Lost Women has there been a more repetitive, annoying soundtrack. At least that wasn't composed on a Casio keyboard bought on lay-away from Sam Ash Music, like this piece of tripe.

When you're treated to an opening credit sequence promising one person as writer, producer, director, editor, composer, art director and costume designer (at least he didn't make himself the lead actor), you know you're in for trouble. I didn't heed the warning, and I paid the price. Please heed my warning. Unless you are the most masochistic consumer of z-grade film atrocities imaginable, please stay away from DANGEROUS MEN.

Reviewed by vitalogst 8 / 10

Truly awfully great.

I, like most people I assume, wandered into a screening of this film because it fit the time slot and was totally obscure. I went with four other buddies and I must say we were blow away by how unbelievably terrible it was and how much fun we had at the same time. Saw it again on Saturday at the Lamelle Sunset and it was even better the second time. We spoke with John S. Rad, he's taking Dangerous Men on tour and putting out a DVD, Dangerous Men even has a myspace address, everyone should look it up, he also has a dozen more movies and some music and poetry. If anyone you know has seen this movie you will have the keen ability of telling inside jokes at the expense of Dangerous Men for a life time, which is worth it's weight in gold. To sum up, this movie is terrible and obviously John Rad had a tough time figuring out what he really wanted to do, but I feel that future projects, hopefully, can only be better and Dangerous Men is a great time at the theatre even if it's an atrociously awful film.

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