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Reviewed by Patient444 3 / 10

Pure boredom.

Yep, sadly it's all true. I don't like it one bit when I'm harsh to a horror production, especially if it made with a small budget but Dark Parasite has nothing to show for. It has a run time of 85 minutes, and for 60 of them, it's just mondane.

The other 25 minutes are slightly better, but from like a 2 to a 3. The problems here are multiple, first they show their monster right away. Second they go for CGI instead of something practical, because in low budgets, practical effects look good and grow old even better while CGI does exactly the opposite. Continuing with the bad, the plot is paper thin, not one likeable character, and the longest dialogues I have ever witness. Tarantino would get mad bored watching this, trust me. All the extra lines are because of the lack of plot, action and to stretch the run time for as much as possible.

Dark Paraside is a complete flop for me. No reedeming factors, no pleasure from watching it, not even so bad it's good.

No way to recommend this.


Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10

Dark Parasite: Started off interesting, ended mediocre


After a Robbery at a jewellery story, a group of robbers takes refuge with a host in a shabby apartment building in the suburbs. But they don't know that in the basement hides an obscure alien creature with telepathic powers.


No idea, but made by the same folks who made the marginally above average Apocalypse Z (2013)


Italian made the budget issues become apparent early on but are disguised remarkably well, in fact it all looked quite polished (Initially). Sure the effects looked like they were made in Adobe After Effects but that was okay.

Focusing around simply 3 characters it started interesting but descended into mediocrity as it became apparent the writers really didn't have any new ideas and were just recycling from dozens of better movies that have come before.

Of our three one couldn't act to save his life and one was not only a poor actress but played the screaming damsel in distress a tad too strong (Despite the character being described as having more balls than the others combined).

Building up to a lacklustre, predictable and lifeless finale it felt like they had something there but simply couldn't deliver on the underwhelming writing.


At time of writing this is the first review and the movie doesn't even have 5 votes in order for IMDB to build an average. I think this is a bad film don't get me wrong, but I hope it doesn't get absolutely slaughtered. The filmmakers aren't bad, they're just making something out of nothing. The cast however, that was unforgivable and it's a shame you can't rate peoples performances separate from the film.


Some decent effects Some poor effects 2/3 of the cast are awful The leading lady was written to be far too weak Side plots went nowhere.

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