David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mc_segurado 10 / 10

Very touching

I loved that we got the chance to see a part of the films that we've never seen before, even though it is not a happy part at all. This was a very emotional documentary for me, as I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. It was hard not to share a tear on the entire story. Daniel Radcliff is a great human being and it shows the compassion and empathy he has for everyone. He stayed so humble even after all the fame he got. David Holmes has a great strong spirit, even at a young age he was so inspiring and always had a positive attitude towards everything in his life.

This documentary inspired me so much. I hope these two "boys" have the best life they can have.

Reviewed by ops-52535 10 / 10

some people just...

Are nt born under a lucky star, a simple fact that i the grumpy old man also made a testimony trip to the broke-back mountain, though lucky enough to not to break the telephone cord that relays signals from A-B, so i might live under a rare lucky doublestar system that kept me away from T2-paralysis for the rest of my life...so david i can agree that the hell of pain of spinal damage is excruciating, a spell that you rather want to throw to people you hate most in life.

Also remember that anyhow you got your injuries, that doesnt mean that you should let yourself be eaten up by the pain it causes, cause pain aint the holy grail of mending up. So as one radio D. J once said, '' just eat it , just beat it'', that has given me some durable bonus years after the ''cataclysmic'' events of mine.

I'm a medical nurse by profession, and ive seen a lot of rehab work that has gone bad due to antimedicine oaths, therefore give yourself a chance along with your medical staff, it might change your already reduced options of life...

a bittersweet story about the stunt double who had a ''hag-shot''(hekseskudd in my language) in his neck, and just another reminder how frail a human life may be.

Reviewed by / 10

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