Deadly Crush


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.7/10 10 414 414

Top cast

Judy Tenuta as Claire Voyant
William Sadler as Dusty Bailey
Courtney Gains as Lawrence
Jenna Willis as Holly Power
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by solidabs 3 / 10


This movie was just complete garbage. I felt really Sad for Sadler. He is a great Actor, but he was even horrible with this script he was given. It sad when these guys like That idiot Deniro will take any role. Is andrenochrome that expensive. Must be. The only reason I gave this garbage a three was for Aria London's Nudity. She's a freaking babe. Remind if I die to come back and knock the bottom out of her. She also did a decent job with this horrible script. I would've gave this a one rating. So thank Aria London. She has the breasts of an Angel. I hope her other movies are just as a sexy. Next.

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Horny even Afterlife

Can you blame him though? Have you seen the main actress/character in this? No pun intended of course and all kidding aside, the movie has a strange tone and theme - you might even say it is uneven. There is quite a lot of nudity and ... I think some call it pillow talk (though no pillows involved, actually not even a bed necessary, as sometimes the heat seems to much to bare) ... Well and it also is a horror movie.

Which does collide with the horniness at times. Being weirdly attracted to an entity and almost immediately after doing it with it (him), turning your back on him .. well not in that sense. Though also in that sense, which leads to more ... anyway, for some it may sound like a wet dream, which can also be a nightmare.

Story-wise ... well you will be able to guess everything I assume ... still this does not apologize - it takes its sleaziness on its ... sleeve! Is that a pun? Not sure, but this knows what it is and what audience it does target ...

Reviewed by kpiedra-83249 3 / 10

Pretty bad

The storyline is pretty farfetched to say the least. This is like an old Cinemax softcore movie without nearly as much sex. Some of the acting is not hideous but still pretty bad. The female lead is very attractive and probably the reason for 3 stars.

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