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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by altersaege 1 / 10

A rate of 7 from 11 people. Probably family members of the crew?

I usually do not trust 1 or 10 stars reviews, because I think that nothing can be so bad or so good. But, seeing how this "thing" (I do not feel like calling it movie) is in this moment rated with an average of 7, my disgust has increased to the point that a one star rating seems to me the only reasonable end. There is nothing interesting here. Apart for the deeply embarrassing acting. I do not remember having seen anything with a worst acting. And this is somehow "interesting", even if in a negative way. All the rest is just an unbearable carnival of dementia, and as I believe in Humanity I refuse to believe that there really can exist people who may love the combination of drill and blood so much to rate this thing with 7 stars, no matter how bad as a "movie" it is. I prefer to believe that these high ratings come from the family members of the crew. Otherwise there is no hope for humanity.

Reviewed by micdon 10 / 10

Intense Horror that will linger long after the closing credits

From the opening scene there is an intense pace that never lets up even though your gut tells you to turn away from the screen. The film opens with a call girl and grisly murder that starts the movie off with special effects so life like its almost a documentary of a deranged killer on the loose. This is a chilling experience of how fragile these ladies of the night are as well as their efforts to combat this individual while supporting and looking out for each other. This film is considered a "new horror classic" and has been hailed by critics and fans as the top Independent horror film of 2015. No doubt disturbing and graphic this movie never slows down. The unexpected ending will leave you with a memory no other film this year will duplicate. Be prepared for gore and nudity. The original soundtrack emotes a dark and creepy effect and adds to the edginess of the story. It is unlike anything you have seen before. WOW!

Reviewed by MikeSNation 1 / 10

Terrible On All Counts

This movie is terrible on all counts with really zero positive things going for it. I am wracking my brain to think of one good thing to say to justify even a rating of one out of ten -- which is the lowest rating I'm allowed to give since IMDb will not allow me to give a grade of zero, which I now know because I just tried to give that grade to this film and it won't let me. Unfortunately I am coming up completely empty. So please just know that even though I am giving this a one out of ten officially, what I really give it is a zero out of ten. Maybe negative one.

-- The effects are total garbage

-- The acting is worse than garbage

-- The directing.... wait was there even a director on set for the taping of this crap?

-- The writing is even worse than the other stuff put together, could they have maybe even tried to come up with even a small script or some plot?

This movie is complete garbage. I thought based on the title it might be a little funny or fun but no such luck, it's just total garbage.

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