Deliver by Christmas


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Eion Bailey as Josh
Alvina August as Molly
Fiona Vroom as Jessica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Carycomic 10 / 10

The first perfect 10 of the Hallmark 2020 Xmas season.

Alvina August and Eion Bailey are completely new names to me. But, I'm pretty sure, after viewing this movie's premiere, that regular watchers of Hallmark Channel will be hearing more from these two in the not-so-distant future. Either individually or collectively.

I have many reasons for liking this movie. But, I'll restrict my recitation to just four of them. First off? There's no initial rubbing each other the wrong way. Their characters are instantly smitten with each other at first sight! But, they politely go their separate ways after each assumes the other is married. With their spouses simply looking over Christmas trees on their own. The truth, of course, is that Charlie's dad, Josh, is a widower while Molly's "daughter" is actually her niece.

My second reason for liking this is the refreshingly gradual way they get to know each other. Initially, they converse for just professional reasons, as Molly is a baker and Josh is in charge of the gingerbread exhibit at the Xmas Eve fair. With various little "coincidences" blocking certain opportunities for them to spot each other much, much earlier.

My third reason for liking this is the relatively gentle way the writers used what I've come to call the Mandatory Penultimate Misunderstanding trope. These usually occur in the last half-hour of a Hallmark movie's running time. And, before now, they've been performed with all the subtlety of a ton of bricks!

My fourth and main reason for liking this, though? Josh doesn't care that Molly is African-American and she doesn't care that he's Caucasian. The only thing that matters to them both is the fact that they are just two lonely people...who've been made less lonely by falling for each other.

Way to go, Hallmark! :-)

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Pleasant delivery

There has never been any bias for or against Hallmark Christmas films. Actually think there are a mix of good, bad (and worse in some cases) and somewhere between mediocre and decent, so it's a variable output really. One just needs to know what to expect and not to expect too much. Have always appreciated romantic dramas with touches of comedy, so yeah 'Deliver by Christmas' was hardly one of those doomed from the start sort of films.

Was fairly mixed on Hallmark's 2020 Christmas films, though it was nowhere near as wildly inconsistent as some of the previous years for Hallmark. None were terrible and most ranged between average and pretty good, with a few even being quite impressive all things considered. 'Deliver by Christmas' is neither one of the best or worst of the batch and is one of those films that left me mixed to moderately liking it. It is a premise that could have gone either way of charming and cute or sickly sweet and cheesy, and mostly it's the former.

'Delivery by Christmas' has a lot that is good. It looks good, with some never drab or garish photography, editing that doesn't look sloppy and appropriately festive locations. The script generally was well meaning and flowed well, and generally didn't feel cheesy or too sappy. Despite the story not being perfect by any stretch, it has enough moments where it is light on its feet and has a warm heart without being mawkish or sugary sweet. Tonally it clearly knew what it was trying to be. Nothing charmless about it either. The characters don't bore or annoy generally.

Most of the acting is good. Alvina August is incredibly charming and easy to like in her role, one that wasn't over the top flawed or too perfect. The supporting cast are more than solid, including the sincere performance of the boy.

Eion Bailey however wasn't near as good. Actually found him rather stiff and robotic in a role where the uptightness and sullen-ness was taken to extremes and never properly warmed, which means that Bailey's performance didn't get more comfortable. The chemistry between him and August had its charming moments but never fully gelled or developed. The story is pretty thin and formulaic, meaning that most of the plotting can be seen from a mile away. Especially everything that goes on in the rushed and contrived final quarter that ends too hastily and patly.

Pacing is uneven, rushed in the final quarter and also pedestrian in the less eventful stretches. Also found the music too melancholic and over-scored and some of the dialogue is on the forced side, especially at the beginning and towards the end.

Concluding, not bad if not great. 6/10.

Reviewed by toddsgraham 6 / 10

Again, another decent Hallmark Christmas movie for 2020

This is my 4th Hallmark Christmas movie of the 2020 season. I would put it towards the top of the list. I like the title of another review on here: 'You've got phone'. Indeed, most of the dialogue between the two leads was via their mobile phones. That said, it did not take away from their chemistry, I think. I thought Alvina August was great in this regard. I have not seen Eion Bailey too often in Hallmark films, but his performance was decent. The supporting cast was also very good. Again, the plot/storyline was what I expected from a Hallmark film. The movie provided some Christmas spirit, though not as strong as some of the better Hallmark Christmas films of the past. Overall, a good start to the 2020 Christmas movie season by Hallmark.

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