Divine Emanuelle

1981 [GERMAN]


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Laura Gemser as The Divine One
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hollywoodshack 5 / 10

Plot and acting are below average

While this film does contain some better than usual sex scenes in the series, they can't offset one dimensional comic book type characters and melodramatic acting, especially the cult queen's muscle bound bodyguard/executioner, Tanga, and her snow white boyfriend, played by Christian Anders. The sadism and violence are extreme even compared to other Emmanuelle films. Anders also directed and not very well. His theme song sounds very much like a Beatles tune, All You Need is Love.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Anders should have done a lot differently

"Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps" or "Love Camp" is the probably most known work by "filmmaker" Christian Anders. He wrote his one, directed it and also plays the central male character. It is from 1981, so has its 35th anniversary this year and there seem several version out. The one watched ran for only 75 minutes which was great as it was really not a good watch. The only thing memorable was probably the bright blond hair from the young Christian Anders. This is the story of a daughter of a senator, who ends up with some hippie cult, who live in accordance with their own free-spirit kinda ways. Or not really. As inside this cult, there is all kinds of violence, torture, sexual abuse and even murder. The cult leader is played by Laura Gemser, an Indonesian actress who is probably known to some. But neither she nor anybody else in this film has strong acting talent, although you cannot really judge that from the way the characters are written. I still would say it was not as bad as some other German sexploitation films from the 1970s and there are a couple bearable scenes and moments, but of course it is not even close to being good enough for me to recommend the watch. Thumbs down.

Reviewed by The_Void 6 / 10

Decent enough for what it is

Well, it's blatantly obvious that this film has absolutely nothing to do with the Black Emanuelle series and is just a cash in on the name since it stars the great Laura Gemser. However, that should not be held against the film too much as Gemser is cast in a slightly different role as the all-powerful 'Divine One' - the Goddess of a camp of free loving hippies, and I'm not going to argue with anyone who puts Laura Gemser in that elevated status! Despite not being an official part of the series; Divine Emanuelle is still a more than decent little film with plenty of sex and nudity as well as an interesting, though not particularly original, plot line. We focus on a group of hippies ruled over the by The Divine One. They preach free love but really it's only a front to make money in the form of 'donations', which people give for sex. Things are shaken up when the daughter of a powerful US senator is inducted into the group because she fancies the slimy blonde cult leader, who is more a pimp than a preacher (and looks a bit like Owen Wilson).

The film benefits from a style that suits the breezy nature of the free love ideal. We've got a soundtrack decked out by catchy jingles, the film is full of beautiful people making love in beautiful locations and we even get a few strange dance sequences. Laura Gemser is the standout, of course, and this role requires something a little different from usual from her as unlike most of her characters; this time she's the one completely in charge. It doesn't suit her as well as playing Emanuelle, but it's a change and seeing Laura Gemser on screen is always good. The plot is stronger than what Emanuelle fans will be used to and this is a benefit to the film. There's still plenty of sex and nudity but it's not overused and the plot does actually seem to be coming first! The film moves along at a steady pace for most of the duration and the ending contains no real surprises, although we do get treated to a hilarious fight sequence. Overall, I would quite categorise this film as 'good', but it's not that bad and there are certainly a lot of worse examples of films like this!

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