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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14% · 7 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26% · 100 ratings
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Vinessa Shaw as Mimi
Chloë Sevigny as Charlotte
Kate Micucci as Sue Fellucci
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by artrouble21 4 / 10

If you knew Eddie

One could write the entire plot of the movie in here and it wouldn't be a spoiler. Thats because this film is not about Eddie Dodson, it's about who ever the character called Eddie Dodson in this film thinks he's portraying.

Dodson was a bit more than a furniture salesman, his shop on Melrose wrote the script for a hundred quirky 20th century/retro/moderne shops that followed in his wake and that includes all the original 70's Hollywood funk and fun. Out and about you might have caught Eddie cruising Melrose in a 1930's convertible with a bevy of gals or run into him at a party in the Hills.

Three things one can credit the film with are the Hollywood pretty people which was spot on for that time- probably still is- the excellent soundtrack and the resemblance of Jim Sturgess to Eddie, but there it ends character wise and with the absurd fedora. Eddie was famous not just for the number of bank robberies he pulled but also for the Yankee cap he always wore to a bank giving him name he was known for, the Yankee Bandit.

Eddies story is far more Hollywood insane than this film can deal with it seems, his connection to some big Hollywood names, his drug addiction- Its not hard to find with google- is not touched upon. What this movie is however is an effete homage to a time and place that was a lot more brash and impulsive. It's main character may have some interesting aspects but they don't add up to the type of person that drove Eddie to do what he did.

Can the movie stand on it's own given the absence of any real motivation on the protagonists part? Maybe but it's point is the people and the period and it barely goes there. If you view it knowing nothing of Dodson it might work for you but if you knew Eddie you are in for a disappointment. And if you find out about Dodson after you watch it you'll be miffed they didn't make the actual Eddie Dodson story. The directors seems to have had the components but not the story. Throwing in John Doe of the LA period punk band X playing a cop only underlines this point.

Reviewed by luvmarilyn23 10 / 10

If you want to get carried away

I found this movie exceptionally refreshing. The adaption of the idea of Eddie Dobson was intriguing and mysterious. At times, subtle, the movie captivated my attention (hard to do) and I couldn't take my focus off of what was entertaining me. As many movies as I watch, many movies have become background noise, this is not one of those movies. A well played cast, Jim Sturgess is charming and his dialogue witty. I developed a connection with both his and Isabel Lucas' characters. If you want fast action, pass. This is a warming plot that heats up as it advances. If you like curiosity and underdogs, although troubled, this is your movie. Don't let the other reviews scare you away, give it a chance.

Reviewed by mac-ginty 4 / 10

Ultimately bland and soulless biopic.

Dodson owns a furniture store and aspires to a glamorous lifestyle he cannot afford. He borrows money from the bank and then a loan shark. As repayment pressures mount he resorts to bank robbing to fund his debts. He also teams up with a vacant blonde who likes to spout movie dialogue rather than talk with real feeling and their love story is a meaningless sidebar. The problem for me is Dodson is an unlikable man, he steals from friends and wants things without working for them. Sturgess portrays Dodson as ineffectual rather than charismatic which leaves you wondering why the bank tellers he robbed all liked him. I felt no emotional attachment to any of the characters.

The score also misses a trick opting to use generic synth music rather than some of the definitive 80s tunes. Its a stylish enough film but has no emotional core. The period is evoked sufficiently to feel like a period set piece. Could have been better with the talent involved.

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