Family of Cops III: Under Suspicion


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Top cast

Charles Bronson as Paul Fein
Nicole de Boer as Jackie Fein
Kim Weeks as Anne Meyer
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Reviewed by whpratt1 10 / 10

Charles Bronson's Last Picture

Enjoyed this TV series starring Charles Bronson as Paul Fein and in this particular series I enjoyed him even more. Bronson played his role to perfection and acted like a professional cop who had almost served 40 years of service. In this picture Paul Fein is investigating different aspects of a banker's death, as well as, Ben Fein, (Joe Penny) and the fact that their is corruption in the police department and even the Mayor of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where this film is suppose to take place. One of his daughter's is expecting a child and the father of the baby does not want to marry her, so she is going to raise the child as a single mom with all the family supporting her. There is plenty of action with bullets flying all over the place and car chases over a bridge that opens up. It was great seeing this picture with Charles Bronson at the age of 77 years making a great TV series as a final swan song, he sure was a great actor and I am glad he was able to keep acting which was the love of his life.

Reviewed by loulou1992 10 / 10

Great way, to end a great career

Right why is people saying "Bronson can't move like he used to, Clint can and he's the same age". Well first of all he's 78 when doing this, and Clint Eastwood whom i'm a big fan of also is 69 or 70 at the time this was made. I'm saying this because someone said he can't move like Clint and they are in the same age group. Well 9 years is a big difference when you get in your 70's. I mean look at Bronson in Kinjite, Death Wish 5. He's knocking on and he still moves great and fast for he's age, the same as Clint. So i hope i've made my point on that one. As for this film, it's is great to see Bronson ending a great career with some good acting. I mean come on he's acting great there, what wrong with it. Nothing... But this is only a film for the Bronson fans to watch, But they might be some millions of people who will like too. And it's also horrible knowing it's he's last film. But still he's made a lot of films to watch the keep us happy. I hoped that he'd apear in a film with Arnold and Sly but looks like theres no chance now. But any way enough of everyone slagging it off, it's a great detective film.



Reviewed by jéwé 8 / 10

Swan Song

Charles Bronson returned once more in the role op Fein in this last episode of Family of Cops. And although it certainly wasn't the best in the series, it meant an improvement on the second installment. And when you watch this, you'll notice something : Bronson is the lead-character and has got so much screen-presence that you will accept that, even when he plays a police-officer, whilst being a 78-years-old actor ! When you watch carefully though you'll notice all other actors are really covering for him, a good sign in a police-flick of course. Bronson hasn't got a lot of script to go through, there's a remarkable absence of action for a cop (he's standing in the kitchen, sitting at a desk, in a car, lying on the couch) in a movie of this kind. But it doesn't matter. The story is good, Joe Penny is excellent. And Charlie constantly gives us this sad smile. He must have known there wouldn't be any more filming after this one.

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