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Reviewed by WhipsNation 10 / 10

"It's gonna work."

Wow. Incredible film that truly showcases the beautiful game of lacrosse for the hardcore fans of the sport, casuals and people who've never picked up a stick. Fate of a Sport tells a true story of how the Rabil brothers revived pro lacrosse.

Players were practicing in parking lots, going to gas stations to get ice for their bodies and playing games at high school stadiums. Mike and Paul Rabil said enough is enough and it's time for a change. Watch how they build a modern professional sports league from the ground up during one of the toughest times our country has experienced in recent memory.

Reviewed by johnnydfarrell 10 / 10

Better than your average sports doc

First off I love lacrosse! I think it's the best sport. I want others to love lacrosse as much as I do. One of the ways that most people engage with athletics and their fanaticism is through professional sports. What do you do if your favorite sport's professional league is actually quite amateurish? What if most of the players have to work a second job? Imagine if most of the players in the NBA or the NFL had a regular 9 to 5 and instead of training regularly they were working on Wall Street. That was professional lacrosse until a couple of brothers had enough of it.

Paul Rabil, lacrosse's first million dollar man, and his brother Mike Rabil offered to buy the MLL to help professionalize pro lacrosse. Once they were turned down the journey started to start their own pro lacrosse league. This documentary covers the 4-5 year time period of the beginnings of the PLL. Fate of a Sport is an inside look in the highs and lows of the Rabil's journey to grow the professional sport with an inside view that you can't even get with Hard Knocks.

Reviewed by jacksonhallman-32142 10 / 10


If you're a lacrosse fan, you will love this documentary. If you aren't, you will be after you watch.

Fate Of A Sport is an incredible documentation of how the PLL came to be, and gives you an inside look into the life of the sports greatest player. Watching this takes you behind the scenes of the league and shows all the challenges they overcame to make the PLL a reality. From raising capital and recruiting players, to navigating the league through the pandemic and social movements of 2020, this documentary shows how amazing the leagues journey has been, and how hard the Rabil brothers and everyone else involved has worked.

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