Fighting Olympus



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by watanaquat 2 / 10

I must have watched a different film

I will give it this. It was a different take on Greek mythology. The acting was third rate at best. The technical was high school. Sorry.... I don't get the great reviews this is receiving. I must be out of touch. I was cringing at the lines delivered by the actors and actresses. It was only my incredulity that took me to the end. Honestly...this is one of the worst films given the best reviews I have ever seen. I am only going to give it two stars because whomever wrote the script deserves some credit for the uniqueness of the content and the overall theme. I encourage all students of film to watch it to understand what not to do.

Reviewed by catheraneskillen 9 / 10

Action with an Unexpected Turn

Went in expecting just another action movie and was, instead, taken on a wild ride I wasn't expecting. Very imaginative with a very involved story line that kept me on the edge of my seat. Leslie A. Jones, who played Rucker, was excellent throughout. Indie films don't have the benefit of big studio money and technicians, so it makes it all the more distinctive that director Julian Vaughan Hampton created this film with the elements of a very large cast, many locations, and well-executed fight scenes. The locations were especially impressive both interior and exterior. I will keep him on my radar.

Reviewed by mettlesetdesigner 9 / 10

An Action movie with a lot of twist.

Looking at the poster and reading the description for Fighting Olympus made me figure this is a movie that my partner is going to enjoy more than me. Oh, was I wrong. This movie is not just a shoot 'em up action type feature (which it does well by the way). The story line is imaginative and involved and full of twists and turns I was not expecting. I won't give spoilers or plot twists but I liked the way the writer pointed to characters from ancient greek myths like Hades, Athena and Medusa. The actress who played Medusa was AMAZING in the role. She is perfect as the disfigured woman out for revenge. Lastly, I must give a big shout out to the stunt/choreography people. The hand-to-hand combat scenes are exciting and a lot of work must have gone into those fight scenes. Two thumbs up!!

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