Finders Keepers



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.4/10 10 1079 1.1K


Top cast

Jim Carrey as Lane Biddlecoff
Ed Lauter as Josef Sirola
Beverly D'Angelo as Standish Logan
Brian Dennehy as Mayor Frizzoli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 7 / 10

Jim Carrey eventually found fame and kept it; plus, I see a tiny link to current events.

In the grand scheme of things, "Finders Keepers" is one of those silly comedies that they cranked out in the '80s. This one has a scam artist (Michael O'Keefe, of "Caddyshack" fame) accidentally getting mixed up in a wacky larceny case on a train after he has to escape the cops and a roller skate team in 1973. You see, he thinks that a coffin on board the train holds a man killed in Cambodia, but it actually holds an exorbitant amount of money stolen by a woman believed to have been kidnapped. If that sounds overwhelming, just wait 'til you see what happens on the train! The point is, this movie makes no pretense about being completely goofy. Probably the main reason that anyone would notice it nowadays is the presence of a pre-fame Jim Carrey as...well, I might spoil a major part of the movie if I explain it. But one can see a slight hint of the roles that would later make him famous.

Speaking of the present day, there's a link in "FK": Watergate. Throughout much of the movie, we hear about Pres. Nixon (Nickerson?), the Watergate investigations, and how Spiro Agnew may not last in his position. Agnew was of course replaced by the recently deceased Gerald Ford. Personally, I believe that Ford doesn't deserve the praise that he's been getting (what really did he do besides fall down?).

But anyway, this is a pretty funny movie. You're sure to like it. Also starring Beverly D'Angelo, Louis Gossett Jr., Pamela Stephenson, Ed Lauter and Brian Dennehy.

Back when Richard Lester was directing The Beatles' movies, who ever would have guessed that he would direct this flick?

Reviewed by budikavlan 10 / 10

Probably the funniest movie you haven't seen

Despite a fairly well-known cast, this one never made too many waves. I recommend you give it a try, however, in the interest of having a very good time. Even more mistaken identities, boomeranging cons, and wild coincidences that you ever thought you'd see punctuate this slambang farce, but the tone is so wifty and lighthearted you never lose faith. Great lead performances by O'Keefe, Gossett, and D'Angelo are teamed with great supporting performances by Dennehy, Lauter, and an early one by Jim Carrey. The funniest one of all, however, is David Wayne as the oldest conductor in America. Do yourself a favor and see this.

Reviewed by GOWBTW 8 / 10

This isn't "Silver Streak"...

Train rides is something to look forward to. But in "Finders Keepers", it's a train ride you'll never forget. You have a con man who has run a roller derby team. He stiffed the team, after the guy he bought from, stiffed him. When he hears the stadium his team was using is about to be torn down, he rolled out of it letting the team be out for his blood. Earlier, the daughter and her partner steals $5 million dollars from her father's safe and puts it in the coffin heading to New York. Both movies started in California, but headed towards different destinations. "Silver Streak": Chicago, Illinois; "Finders Keepers: New York. One movie made to the destination, this one did some rerouting. Both movies have good star quality. Only this one avoids a train wreck. Funny and adventurous at the same time, it's a rarity for some since this is a Jim Carrey beginning of his early career. The caper of the money is intense, and everyone involved was going to get their share of the action. Seems like the crooks are the smartest in the film. The law knew only of the people, but not the money involved. It's thieves vs. con men. The law was in the middle. Add a scatterbrained actress, and it's a trainwreck ready to happen. This is a must see movie. If you like the open rails, take a ride in "Finders Keepers". 3 out of 5 stars.

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