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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 24% · 101 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67% · 100 ratings
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Top cast

Paul Mescal as Junior
Aaron Pierre as Terrance
Goran D. Kleut as Smoking Man By The Tree
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mendymariamKE 3 / 10

FOE Review: The Cast Can't Save this Black Mirror Wannabe

The story unfolds with the mysterious arrival of Terrance, claiming government affiliation. He proposes that Junior leaves home for years to pilot a space program amid Earth's rapid deterioration. Junior resists, but Henrietta absorbs the news, aware of an extensive plan to watch over her during his absence.

Terrance integrates into their lives, conducting interviews and revealing startling visions of the future and grim truths from the past.

Despite stunning visuals and A-list talent, "FOE" falls short. Efforts to inject substance are undermined by nonsensical storytelling and awkward dialogue. Esteemed actors can't salvage the film's status, and deep conversations fall short due to a weak script.

On the surface, "FOE" presents a visually stunning experience, featuring the talents of Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescal, and Aaron Pierre as they journey through, picturesque landscapes and delve into profound human emotions like love and loss.

Despite being the central focus, the exploration of Hen and Junior's marriage is not interesting at all.

Junior's possessiveness and jealousy of Hen's interactions with Terrance are unsurprising, while Hen expresses a feeling of stifling predictability in the marriage.

She shares with Terrance the struggle of losing her sense of self within the confines of her unhappy marriage.

Despite her evident discontent, the film persistently attempts to portray her situation as if everything is fine, thereby undermining the sole narrative thread of the story.

The film's superficial ending may prompt you to question the worth of the time you've spent watching it.

Even though it strives to take cues from the sci-fi thriller genre, specifically "Black Mirror," "FOE" fails miserably.

Reviewed by cjonesas 4 / 10

[4.2] Liquid in a drought

A dismal movie with just good acting by Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescal and Aaron Pierre, if by good acting one includes sitting, chatting, punching the walls and hungrily staring at rosy skin. We already live in dystopian world, we don't need on top of that dystopian science fiction shoved down our throat.

Strangely though, the movie starts good and interesting, but quickly delves into torpor and theatrical limited scenes. They didn't even bother to make a good ending for it. The number of times that I saw characters drinking bottled beer and taking long shots showers is inconceivable in a 1:50h movie!

The only things interesting were the yellow-lit gadget on the back of his neck and "him" being suctioned out in that plastic "quality" bag.

  • Screenplay/storyline/plots: 2
  • Development: 7
  • Realism: 4.5
  • Entertainment: 2
  • Acting: 6.5
  • Filming/photography/cinematography: 6
  • VFX: 5.5
  • Music/score/sound: 6.5
  • Depth: 6
  • Logic: 1
  • Flow: 3
  • Drama/sci-fi/thriller: 3
  • Ending: 2.

Reviewed by stevelivesey-37183 4 / 10

110 minutes I will never get back

In short, slow, boring, disappointing, well made, well acted with some lovely cinematography. The central story concept is great although never fully explored. The sci fi element of the story is an irrelevance.

Around the 50 minutes mark if started to become a slog to listen to naval gazing of the lead actors. The pace of the movie is quite languid which normally I don't mind.

There just seems to be so many plot points raised that are just never followed up on, how did they end up on the list? The film suggests that that Ronan's character puts her husbands name in the hat. Why does a cross section of society need to be sent away to space when clearly Paul Mescals character seems mentally unwell. How would he surviv3 in space? Why does a stranger from the government have live with them in a creepy, passive aggressive style?

You can definitely make a more compelling movie with these ingredients, but this film is not it.

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