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Danielle Scott as Lila Jones
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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

Definitely not what I was expecting...

Right, well I have to admit that I was actually expecting a "Five Nights at Freddy's" rip-off movie here, as I sat down to watch the 2023 movie "Freddy's Fridays". I mean, the title alone and the fact that it was released the very same year that "Five Nights at Freddy's" came out, just can't be a coincidence.

However, writers Charlie Carter and Tom Carter delivered something quite different. This was a strange movie in itself, because it was a bit all over the place. It felt most of all like a mixture of any random generic slasher flick, with some "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" elements thrown into the formula. The concept of "Freddy's Fridays" was a bit odd and all over the place, making it a very random and erratic movie. And that ultimately took a toll on the overall enjoyment of the movie.

I have to say that I found the storyline and narrative in "Freddy's Fridays" to be a bit too erratic and unstructured, so I wasn't particularly entertained here. Plus the fact that I was expecting it to be a mockbuster on "Five Nights at Freddy's" and it wasn't, well that was just a disappointment.

The acting performances in "Freddy's Fridays" were okay. You're not in for an evening of stellar performances from famous actors and actresses. In fact, I didn't know anyone on the cast. Sure, there were a couple of faces that I think I've seen before, but I wouldn't be able to tag a name on the faces, nor pinpoint in what movies I might have seen them.

Visually then "Freddy's Fridays" was okay. I was expecting animatronics, but instead we were treated to a very random collection of killers in odd costumes. Sure, it might have worked out if writers Charlie Carter and Tom Carter hadn't set up the movie to appear to be a mockbuster on "Five Nights at Freddy's". Sure, the costumes were actually interesting enough, but I was just expecting something quite different.

"Freddy's Fridays" was not a particularly enjoyable horror movie, because I was very disappointed with what director Ben J. Williams delivered. And it is not a horror movie that I would recommend fans of the horror genre to rush out and get to watch. Nor is it a movie that I will ever return to watch a second time.

My rating of "Freddy's Fridays" lands on a three out of ten stars.

Reviewed by ungirebecca 2 / 10

Disappointing and poorly written

I love horror movies and I think there are many underrated movies that why I wanted to give this a try especially with the recent release of five nights and Freddys.

The movie follows a many trying to make a deal with a demon for untold riches. To give this they need to sacrifice a soul every Friday for 8 weeks. There is not much explained in the movie about Freddy, the book used to summon him or even why it has to be in a Friday so I was left with more questions than answers.

I also don't really see the connection between Freddy and the gang. Freddy looks alittle like an animatronic with glowing eye hidden behind a mask. However, the others are a clown and scarecrow. They just don't seem to fit together well and it really takes away from the movie.

Another thing I really struggled to ignore was the outfit designs. Some of the characters looks scary but this was broken with the bright white trainers and knee high socks.

Also the ending didn't seem to go anywhere either. They found a solution in how to deal with Freddy and put and end to what is happening but even with this information decided not to act upon it leaving Freddy to come back yet again.

I At the end I felt disappointed and like I had wasted my time. It's sad because it had potential to be a decent movie.

Reviewed by Patient444 4 / 10

A rip off.

Yeah, this is Asylum work right here. Get an idea from a future movie, slightly make it different and call it your own. Never been a fan of this, even tho a few such productions were 'so bad its good', but sadly Freddy's Friday misses the mark.

It really is a bland movie, with hollow characters, little to no plot, 0 development, what you see from the very first minutes is also the ending, and one truly laughable third act fight scene. One of the absolute worst, like those 70's low budget kung fu scenes.

No reason to recommend this, it is quite bad, no real moving forward with the story and an ending to fit the entire movie. Look elsewhere, this is bad


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