Future Kick


Action / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 4.0/10 10 573 573


Top cast

Meg Foster as Nancy
Chris Penn as Bang
Maria Ford as Dancer
William Utay as Dr. Turner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cn8cs 10 / 10

Big Trouble in New Los Angeles!

If you like John Carpenter films - especially the great ones like "They Live" - then you'll love FUTURE KICK! First of all, the story is fresh and haunting as its set in a world where (SPOILERS ALERT!) the rich live on the moon and the drug and sex-crazed criminals run rampant on the Earth. The other thing is - and this is really almost true today - is that corporations have become the true evil in our society. They have their own police force and death squads. If you think about it, we're not that far off from that becoming true.

The lead actor is a famous kick-boxer named "The Dragon". I didn't know who he was before I started watching the film but now I really want to see more of his work. The fight scenes are very good considering the lack of computer effects in those days (think THE MATRIX without the slow-motion stuff).

The characters and performances were all good too and you really felt bad for these people as they (SPOILERS) lost their organs for corporate crime. Chris Penn (Resivior Dogs, True Romance) was also very good, and might have showed some of his best work as the Cyberon aptly named Bang.

The gory effects were a bit gory, but I think it was necessary for the story. Its much better than "Dune" but not as good as "Total Recall" and worth buying if they ever make a DVD.

Reviewed by Vomitron_G 2 / 10

Futuristic Rubbish

I can't imagine Don 'The Dragon' Wilson ever having played in one single decent film. Once again he's starring in a whole heap of inconsistent rubbish with so many ridiculous elements thrown into the plot, that the movie just becomes insane. Main man Don plays a Cyberon - part human, part machine - and he's the last of his kind. Apparently the government wants him eliminated, but that is of no importance to the plot. Because this movie is about Meg Foster - who's very much sleepwalking her way through this flick - who lives on the moon but comes to the earth because her husband scientists got killed there. But there's also an evil corporation which illegally traffics human body parts, so that's also what this movie is about. But actually, the main villain is a serial killer running around ripping people's hearts out, so this film is about him. Also, this film is simply about a series of titty bars, because futuristic cities are a cesspool of depravity, as to be expected. And then we have a (cyber-)game called 'Laserblade', which is also of importance to the plot. Are you still following? Doesn't matter, because it's all a giant bunch of nonsense without any logic to it. And what on earth was Chris Penn doing in this stinker? He's playing a cyborg who gets to kick-box against Don near the end. Some more redeeming qualities this movie has: a decapitation, two head explosions, a full body explosion, a cut-off finger and a lot of naked tits. Since this is a Roger Corman production, Corman took the liberty of splicing in footage from a lot of other movies produced by him; mainly special outer-space effects footage (from "Galaxy Of Terror" & "Forbidden World") and naked tits (from "Stripped To Kill II: Live Girls"). How cheap can you get, Roger? The conclusion of the film is downright stupid, but it does explain why nothing in it for 70 minutes long makes any sense at all. Seeing is believing. And I saw it. Otherwise I could not have imagined how an unbelievable heap of rubbish "Future Kick" is. Now you go watch it. You know you want to.

Reviewed by bclivesinme 7 / 10

If Total Recall and Terminator had a baby it would be Future Kick!

Cyborgs, space ships, VR and strippers oh my! Not only does it have actions but it has BOOBS! I mean a LOT of boob action. I would rename this film to "Future Boobs". This is a entertaining 90's B action film that should not be taken serious but rather with glass of wine or many shots. I would say this film would be a great drinking night movie because it has so many scenes where they completely rip off scenes from Total Recall and Terminator.

I give this 7 future kicks to the face out of 10.

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