Good Wife's Guide to Murder


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Shaun Benson as Benjamin Diggs
Tennille Read as Lenore Thompson
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Reviewed by coltras35 6 / 10

Formulaic but enjoyable

Spousal murder expert Kate (Nola Martin) is happily married to her husband, Matt (Liam Tobin). After a promotional interview, Kate is shocked to return home to find Matt dead. She hysterically calls the police, which soon proves a hasty decision: Due to her fame as an expert on spousal murder, Kate is the prime suspect and arrested for Matt's murder!

Facing the possibility of life in prison, Kate decides to put her investigation skills to the test to find out who really murdered her husband and why they're trying to frame her.

A typical lifetime/Hallmark thriller with seemingly squeaky clean characters and their perfect lives turned up side down, well, at least for Kate, the protagonist, who finds her husband dead. She becomes suspect number one. And predictably looks for the real killer and secrets pop out. It's formulaic but enjoyable nevertheless, even though it sort of ran of steam towards the end.

Reviewed by Jblum5 3 / 10

Good Wife? Bad Movie.

"Good Wife's Guide to Murder" follows Lenore, a podcaster who specializes in wives killing their husbands and teaches people how they can get away with it. One day she finds her husband dead and she naturally becomes the prime suspect.

Being a Tubi original , I naturally had very low expectations for this film. The thing was, despite some cringy dialogue, this film did have some things going for it. Most performances were decent for this type of thing. Shaun Benson stood out as the cop investigating the murder.

Things really fall apart after the initial set up. First-her lawyer and her agent are the same person which I think happened because they couldn't afford another actor. The plot conveniences drive the entire story forward, there are so many tired cliches scattered throughout it will make your head spin. You have your standard crosses, double crosses and twists but none of them felt earned or even made sense based on the characterization they had set up. I also found the ending to be extremely obvious and would imagine most people will as well. It wasn't even fun to play along and figure it out because so much of it felt so random.

Overall I think the writer completely missed on what makes these movies fun for people. While some performances are fun in their own way, terrible dialogue, plot devices and originality make this movie a hard skip.

Reviewed by ladymidath 6 / 10

Neat Little Potboiler

The only problem with this movie was that I saw the ending coming a mile away. I like the Tubi originals, they are reasonably well acted and the film production is always good. The stories are middle of the road, not too violent and not a lot of nudity. Think of it like Lifetime movies, which is sometimes a nice break from torture porn. This movie is interesting enough with a couple of twists that I saw coming, including the ending. The only problem is that a few scenes are not very realistic and really would not fly in the real world. But to be fair, this is a park-your-brain-at-the-door kind of movie and not to be taken seriously. If you want a bit of light entertainment, you could do worse than this.

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