Hi Diddle Diddle


Comedy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.7/10 10 663 663


Top cast

Dennis O'Keefe as Sonny Phyffe
Billie Burke as Liza Prescott
Martha Scott as Janie Prescott Phyffe
June Havoc as Leslie Quayle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 10 / 10

An absolute must-see movie!

Director: ANDREW L. STONE. Screenplay: Frederick Jackson, Edmund L. Hartmann. Story: Andrew L. Stone. Photography: Charles Schoenbaum. Film editor: Harvey Manger. Art director: F. Paul Sylos. Set decorator: Earl Wooden. Music: Phil Boutelje. Songs (both Havoc) by Phil Boutelje (music) and Foster Carling (lyrics): "Loved Too Little Too Late" and "Big Sombrero". Music director: Phil Boutelje. Cartoon sequence produced by Leon Schlesinger, directed by Friz Freleng. Make-up: Ted Larsen. Costumes designed by Adrian. Assistant director: Henry Kesler. Sound recording: William H. Lynch. Assistant to producer: Carley Harriman. Associate producer: Edward Finney. Producer: Andrew L. Stone.

Copyright 20 August 1943 by Andrew L. Stone Productions, Inc. Released through United Artists: 20 August 1943. New York opening at the Palace: 23 September 1943. Australian release: 16 March 1944. 6,586 feet. 73 minutes.

Re-issued by Astor Pictures in 1950 under the title: DIAMONDS AND CRIME.

SYNOPSIS: Sailor has only 48 hours leave to get married and have his honeymoon. Alas, both events are subjected to a series of involved, if unexpected, interruptions.

COMMENT: A delightfully wacky comedy that pokes fun at marriage, movies, audiences, wheeler-dealing and grand opera (amongst other subjects), breezily directed by Andrew L. Stone and most ingratiatingly played by a fine cast of professionals who know how to extract the most fun from the screwball situations.

It's invidious to single out one or two, but I must compliment Adolphe Menjou and June Havoc (who make a great team) and I cannot praise Pola Negri too highly either. Barton Hepburn also contributes well beyond the call of duty to the crazy plot.

The support roster bursts at the seams with a parade of our favorite character players, some of whom, like Bert Roach (trapped in a taxi- cab) and Joe Devlin (word-tangled with Mickey Finn) have never had it so good.

In fact, so much laughter is generated by the movie, most of us tend to forget it's a so-called "fringe" musical which boasts two delightful songs by the sexy Miss Havoc, the first of which she kindly reprises, and the second which she deals out double-swinging by accompanying herself on a large-screen juke-box. And it's all attractively photographed, set and costumed.

Production values, including a delightful surprise cartoon finale, rate as "A" plus.

Reviewed by 16mmRay 9 / 10

Crackerjack Saucy Screwball Comedy

HI DIDDLE DIDDLE is one of those pictures that, because it has fallen into public domain, is almost always seen in dreadful dupe prints. Well, don't let that dissuade you from seeing this picture. It is one of the fastest-paced, downright hilarious comedies of the early 40's. The combination of sharp dialogue and impeccable characterizations make this a real winner. Here is Dennis O'Keefe at his farceur best. He's a sailor-on-leave-bridegroom who spends his wedding night doing everything EXCEPT what he's supposed to be doing. Adolph Menjou is his pop, a conniver (not Connover this time!) who pledges to help Dennis' mom-in-law, dizzy Billie Burke, regain her fortune. Menjou is married to Pola Negri, a domineering Wagnerian opera singer. June Havoc is a lady friend of Menjou's and is she hot! They're all a riot. One of my favorite bits is when waiter Joe Devlin, taking Billie's order at a night club, does a double take and walks away. Billie exclaims - "He did a double take - just like in the movies!" Then Billie, Martha Scott (the bride), Walter Kingsford and Barton Hepburn all proceed to practice doing double takes. Devlin gets a gander at this and does - A DOUBLE TAKE! A wonderful musical moment is June Havoc singing alongside herself in a Panaogram Soundie machine. Composer Richard Hageman, who also appears in director Andrew Stone's SENSATIONS OF 1945, does a very wry bit as a brokerage firm president.

If you need a laugh - see HI DIDDLE DIDDLE by any and all means!

Reviewed by tavm 7 / 10

Hi Diddle Diddle is enjoyable romantic fluff from war years

I recently purchased a used copy of a 1987 video of Hi Diddle Diddle at Pike's Market Place in Seatle, Washington because it mentioned a cartoon sequence from Leon Schlesinger just before he sold his studio (as well as characters Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck) to Warner Bros. Those animations open and close the picture to amusing effect in this slightly surreal romantic comedy starring Dennis O'Keefe, Martha Scott, Adolphe Menjou, Billie Burke, June Havoc, and in her last film before The Moon-Spinners 21 years later (which was her final one!) Pola Negri. One of my favorite running gags involves a beautiful woman (Lorraine Miller) who keeps appearing in various scenes in different roles as noted first by Menjou, then various cast members. Finally, Burke says, "She was put in different places as a favor to the director!" It's interesting to note that both Negri and Menjou (in Pollyanna) made their final feature appearances opposite Hayley Mills in Disney movies. For the occasional nonsense that pops up, Hi Diddle Diddle is worth a look.

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