Horror / Mystery

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Tom Sizemore as Detective Clayton Douglas
Lew Temple as Gabe Proctor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peytonandjolie 1 / 10

Really good, except for the writing, editing, acting, cinematography, art direction...

I made it thru about 40 mins, I couldn't go any further. From the very beginning, the performances and writing are awkward and painful. It is a shame that this is one of Tom Sizemore's last films as I have really enjoyed many of his movies. If they had any respect for him at all they would have never released this film. It obviously had no budget , but the flash back Civil War battle scene literally had two people in joke, a Civil War battle with 2 people, they should have held a boxing match instead. If you are a Tom Sizemore fan, save yourself and go watch a much better Tom Sizemore movie...Heart and Soul, Heat, Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down, and trust me will thank me.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10

Who talked to him.

Clayton Douglas (Tom Sizemore) Is an Allentown police detective circa 1930. He has a wife and child but is married to his work. There is a case he didn't solve. He goes to an asylum on a case rather than spend the day with his daughter on her birthday. An inmate named Daniel Glassman (Jody Quigley) requested Clayton by name to make his confession. He is confined to the basement and the staff does not know he is there. Also in the room are Dr. Heysinger (Robert Miano) and a nun-nurse (Airen DeLaMater). The confession is typed and read by Dr. Heysinger. Glassman was stabbed in a Civil War battle at Chambersburg. His injured body was found 21 years later in Stroudsburg. He tells a very long boring story of being cared for in a farmhouse that had some demons from time to time.

The cinematography was dark and difficult to see. The farmhouse scenes were way too long, The sets were constantly dreary. Bad script. Too long. Too Boring.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.

Reviewed by thehumanx 10 / 10

Underrated Horror Movie!

"A life without purpose is a waste of it. It took the devil to lay its hands on my shoulders to awaken mine. I would allow it to shallow the flies until this spider is too large to ignore. No longer can it stay cloaked within the faithless. This is God's work. "

The movie started out really well. I did not expect this one to be this good. The ending was bit questionable though -- how did the devil repossess the dead Daniel (seemingly alive) after it possessed Clayton when being shot by Clayton? LOL

But rest aside, I really loved the movie -- the atmosphere, background score, cast and all. In years to come, I think this will be an underrated horror movie like 'The Cursed'.

Rated it 10 because seeing 4.4 felt kinda unjustified.

PS: RIP Tom Sizemore.

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