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Heather McComb as Maeve
Gigi Bermingham as Angela
Barry Livingston as Judge McDoyle
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Reviewed by stevelivesey-37183 5 / 10

Unoriginal but watchable

There have been many (maybe too many) movies like this. Someone commits a crime to get closer to an inmate that did them wrong earlier. Ho hum.

To be fair, this is done fairly well. The acting is passable by some actors, but atrocious, in others.

We have the same old tropes about 'getting' someone in the showers, getting someone in the excercise yard, the crooked wardens, the main villain, etc, etc. Just google prison revenge movie and see what you get back. Shawshank, Brute Force, blood in blood out, felon, animal factory, escape plan, half past dead 1 and 2, and all the seasons of Prison Break. Like I said, ho hum.

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Reviewed by ylopez-23794 10 / 10

Amazing movie!

I am not such a fan of Tubi, but I have to say this movie has an interesting plot. Makes you root for the main actress.. it's been quite sometime I have not enjoyed a movie Like this. I do suffer from ADHD so My concentration it's never in anything firmly always doing different things at the same time. This movie made Me just want to watch I had to see how everything was going to pan out. I would definitely suggest and highly recommend this movie if You like Movies that deal with plot that. Involves vengeance .. The lead actress is really good Yesenia Ayala Was good and Heather Mccomb..was great...

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