Instrument of War


Drama / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 674 674

Top cast

Andrea Deck as Anne Cline
Elliot James Langridge as Reed 'Whit' Whitaker
Andreas Wisniewski as Karl Herrmann
Daniel Betts as Lawrence Packer
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English 2.0
25 fps
1 hr 28 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sarahjane365 10 / 10


I don't understand the poor ratings for this. Sure if you're looking for something with all the action of Saving Private Ryan then you won't find that here but this is a beautiful film and it is the message you should take from it. Someone has rated this a 3, only watching 30 minutes of it and mocking it for being about making a violin. This is a true story and it warms my heart that in those desperate times this is something they did just to get through.

Reviewed by ger55champ 10 / 10

Beautiful movie

Seriously How can this score 6.2 . This movie is outstanding .Beautifully acted and very touching for a war movie Very well worth watching

Reviewed by mikaelo67 7 / 10

Very good movie, well worth watching

I always get suspicious when I see a movie a few years old with very few reviews. But I decided to give this one a shot.

It's not the most captivating story I have ever seen. But it's a quality movie with a good script and good acting. My ratings are usually 1 or 2 below what's been given previously on IMDB. But this time I actually rated it higher than the previous ratings.

It's a really good movie, no violence at all. It's a war movie with a twist that leaves you with a great feeling. I definitely recommend watching it.

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