It Be an Evil Moon


Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by louisdut 7 / 10

Glorious potential

I discovered It Be an Evil Moon by chance and just loved the concept. There is a definite Trauma Films vibe throughout with hints of the Toxic Avenger sprinkled in. The standout performance is by Rod Glenn who is stellar, and hilarious, in a dual role.

The cinematography in the daydreaming sequences are wonderful and adds to the somewhat surreal feel of the film.

The Indie roots and accompanying low budget is obvious, and the script feels a little undercooked and underdeveloped, but the actors give their best and obviously had a lot of fun on set.

There is a lot of fun to be had watching this film.

Reviewed by antide-42376 4 / 10

A false score

The last time I checked, this movie was rated 8.1 on IMDB. I watched it the other night on Prime based on this score and trust me when I say that the score is fixed. It is low budget and frankly ridiculous. The story makes hardly any sense at all and although there were one or two amusing moments I ended up being totally puzzled as to how a score of 8.1 was reached.

The acting is average and the narrative is terrible as certain things just aren't explained at all. If anything my score of four is generous but as I did find it funny a couple of times I thought it fair not to savage it too much. Having said that, give this one a miss.

Reviewed by worchestercallum 8 / 10

An original take on the werewolf genre

This film isn't for everyone... Its low budget and NOT a typical slasher/horror... The first 30min feels confusing but it's worth sticking with. As the main character transforms, the film does too.

The bleak settings for the first half contrasts well with the beautifully shot second half (set in the Scottish Highlands). The comedy is very silly, reminiscent of Monty Python at times. This is a film that doesn't take itself seriously at all, and to its credit.

It Be An Evil Moon stands out from other Indy movies because it is original.

I found it strangely endearing. Saying that, it is a very weird movie... I loved it.

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