It's a Fairy!


Comedy / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 2.2/10 10 2766 2.8K


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marcelo_mmn 1 / 10

Pure junk!

No surprises here... What would you expect from a movie where the main actress isn't an actress at all, but a teen celebrity from the internet. The girl is a kind of a fairy who helps a teenager go through her personal problems.

Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by julio_botafogofr 1 / 10


The worst Brazilian film produced. Bizarre performance by "actress" Kéfera.

Reviewed by jonasaimores 3 / 10

What a waste of money and time

this is one of those movies that you expected to be a classic, but when you watch just see a mixture of several American films that do not fit with our reality here in Brazil. with the budget of 8 million of public money, I can surely say that it was a waste of time, from beginning to end is extremely predictable and still reminds '' Tooth Fairy '' The Rock, so do not waste your money going watch the movie and learn from my mistake. we need to show our culture to the world.most of them just think we have womans, no laws, beachs, and all of it, its all true, because we're not supporting the real culture, a theater was closed in last month for no money, and the gov put all that money on this type of movie, its just show more ppl trying to be American, not hatin on you muricans, but we cant loose our sauce too.

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