Joyeux Noel



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J.R. Esposito as TV Reporter
Kate Nichols as Mary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lindy-00795 5 / 10

French Village is great, but....

A romantic painting of a Christmas market captures the imagination of copy editor and wannabe reporter, Lea. She is sent to France with pragmatic reporter "moody" Mark to uncover the mystery behind the artist. While Lea is all eager to solve the puzzle, Mark is less excited, somewhat annoyed at being sent on an assignment which is beneath him. Lea and Mark are total opposites. Lea tends to correct Mark's speech, which is annoying. Mark has his own view on how to research a story.

The French Market town is very festive, decorated with Christmas lights and featuring an accordion player, multiple shops, hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts and singers. Lea goes around the shops but it is embarrassing how she speaks to vendors and passersby. Meanwhile, Mark tries to get some sleep (jet lag) but is bothered by Sophie, the landlords daughter. The cute gnomes left around by Sophie are a highlight. Wonder why she isn't listed in the cast on imbd.

Jaicy Elliot, as Lea, is the wrong person for this role. She has deadpan delivery and facial expressions are equally blah. She dresses in a boring coat and beret and her French accent in pronouncing "Merci" is also blah. There is no chemistry between herself and Brant Daughtery.

An interesting feature of this movie is that the plot was written by Brant Daughtery's wife, Kimberly. Maybe she should have been cast in this movie along with her husband.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 5 / 10

Not a Fan.

I guess the jury is in. This is the third movie I have seen Jaicy Elliot in and the verdict is that she is not a very good actress, in my opinion. In the two previous movies she was supposed to be a lovable character but the way she delivered her lines she came across as downright unpleasant. She was not as bad in this one, but her delivery was still monotone and dull. That's all. Just my opinion, I am sure she has her fans.

Brant Daugherty, on the other hand was excellent with lots of Charisma. He seems to get better looking with age.

One thing that I did like about this movie was that they didn't put a phony fairy tale ending on the story of the painter and the girl in the picture. I loved that he found true happiness with another woman.

Just didn't enjoy this one.

Reviewed by brian_spence_ni 6 / 10

Usual christmas fayre

Brant Daugherty was okay in this but if i'm being honest, as much as I found Jaicy Elliot decentish in Grey's Anatomy, I must say she was a bit awful in this film. Still, it's Christmas season and I'm going to binge on the glut of films that are coming out. It's just like an adrenaline rush of happiness, which I really love at this time of the year.

Not an awful film at all but you will find better plots and slightly better story lines and casting. Still, you'll feel warm afterwards which is a plus and you know where the endings going from the start, which is reassuring. Hope you enjoy it; the highlight was the beautiful scenery for me. Such pristine landscapes.

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