Killer Piñata


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 4.2/10 10 350 350

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Harlekwin_UK 3 / 10

$5k & Eight Days in the making...

This is the kind of movie that is hard to quantify.

So, let's take it at face value.

The movie has its tongue firmly in its cheek. This is an essential element of the setup. Without acknowledging this simple little fact - front and centre - you're gonna struggle with the movie.

This movie is cheep and rather awkward to watch. The cast come across particularly amateur and the script and characters feel, well, odd.

But that's the charm, if you like, of movies like this. Characters do odd things, script feels contrived.

The filming of the eponymous antagonist is necessarily limited, though there are moments that are a little adventurous.

There's nothing wrong with the plot outline, just the execution of the plan.

But there is the animated sequence to look out for - an almost singular high point.

The other high point is a McGiver-style arming scene, which is even more self-knowing than the rest of the movie, which is saying something.

Worth a watch, strictly once,

Reviewed by jlynch-68708 10 / 10

10/10 for everything

Well I have to admit this is in my top 10 favourites now, from the quite hilarious dialogue and scenes to the pinata. Yes it was shot on a tight budget and in 8 days but don't let that put you off. Great movie and worth a rewatch.

Reviewed by mikemacd-43825 9 / 10

Really good fun

We shall never forget this moovie . Ever. Both my daughter and I enjoyed it, had to mute for a few seconds every so often with the "sexy" talk ??? but , we both loved it...cult classic.

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