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Reviewed by sirslick1978 3 / 10

flawed as a crime movie, a bit funny at times.

The move has some good actors, but the story is just awful, It's too simple, it pretends to be a thriller or crime movie but at times it feels more like a bad comedy.

It has a bit of a teen-friendly thriller vibe to it, and you see every 'plot twist' coming from miles. The criminals in the station scene actually look like B1 and B2 from the Bassie and Adriaan kids series... In my opinion the move should have been more 'crime' or more 'comedy'.

The crime part was completely flawed, the comedy part gave some laughs especially in the last ten minutes or so.

I keep wondering why I had to watch teen girls hanging around with Italian boys all the time without actually adding something to the plot? Don't watch this in cinema, maybe 'ok' to watch as a family move on a streaming service.

Reviewed by christeltalmon 2 / 10

Loved the serie, movie is real bad.

Loved the serie, movie just sucks. I think even the actors weren't happy with the script cause they were acting bad. It wasn't convincing. The story is lame and boring and predictable. To bad because we really loved the serie. It had a good story line and was fun. The movie wasn't. Even the 'word-Jokes' Marius made weren't funny anymore. The hostile scenes were bad, and the story wasn't very believable. If my daughter was dressed like that, kissing a boy who hasn't introduced himself, and then went to a party, nooooooo way that she was aloud to leave the house. Just a waste of money and time..

Reviewed by movieman6-413-929510 4 / 10

Without being familiar with the TV series, you can get stuck while watching this movie.

Klem is the film set after the TV series of the same name from 2017 to 2020. The film is directed and written by Frank Ketelaar, who also worked on the TV series of the film.

In the film, Hugo (Barry Atsma) and Sophie (Ellen Parren) travel to Italy to see how their friends Kitty (Georgina Verbaan) and Marius (Jacob Derwig) are doing. The two have taken over a new successful vineyard, but Hugo doubts whether this deal was fair. Hugo is familiar with Marius's dark past.

When Hugo learns about the daughter of the old vineyard owner and because she did not inherit the vineyard, Hugo suspects that something did not go so smoothly during the takeover of the vineyard. The daughter also seems to have dark connections with the Italian criminal world. Hugo and Sophie are once again dragged into a criminal conflict between these Italian criminals and their Dutch friends. Whether they can still remain friends with each other thanks to this conflict remains to be seen.

To watch this film, it is useful if you are familiar with the preceding TV series, because the characters in this film themselves receive little background or further development. If you are not familiar with the TV series, the characters in the film may seem a bit empty or unfamiliar. Without knowledge from the series, other things can also seem unclear. This can sometimes make the film more difficult to follow, so that it can even come across as a bit long-winded.

The writing of the script is also not very strong. Characters often make stupid or too simple decisions and choices, so that the film loses some of its credible sides. The Italian criminals in the film also come across as a bit stupid as if they are crooks from a film for younger viewers. These criminals often make stupid or illogical decisions. This level of criminals doesn't make the film any more exciting or intense.

Barry Atsma, together with Ellen Parren and Georgina Verbaan, provide suitable acting, but they all speak English with a clear Dutch accent. This can be a bit disturbing after the umpteenth conversation. Fortunately, Georgina Verbaan knows how to provide good scenes where they manage to have acceptable Italian conversations with the Italian cast. Jacob Derwig delivers more acting of the same level as the Italian criminals and he has the clearest Dutch accent in the film. The acting of the young child actors is not equally strong for all young actors. Scenes that are only about the children's characters also seem a bit unnecessary. Some scenes contain information to help advance the story later, but they could have brought this information forward in the film in a different way.

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