Crime / Family / Fantasy / Thriller

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Top cast

Linda Blair as Detective Karen Atwood
Christine Elise as Detective McCarthy
David Lee Smith as Robert Everie
Adrienne Wilkinson as Judy Birch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BrendanBakos-1 8 / 10

A touching Ghost Story

Lanfill is a story about a family who decided to move to a new home but while they are there their young daughter starts to have some Supernatural encounters with a deceased young girl a ghost if you will ! I will not give any of the Mystery away as this young girl who is very good in her role ! Is trying tounravel what's going on ! Along with a coulpe of close friends as they investigate a back story of past & present . The film is beautifull to look at indeed ! Direction & the Diolouge is quite good ( Very Natural) . Now this is a Suspense / Thriller but not in the gernereck sense of Ghosts Storys Haughting young Adults young or old ! In the end this film comes from the heart its very touching & sad so we simpersise with the Sprit of this young girl gone to soon . Look out for a cameo from Actor / Animal Actvist Linda Blair in the film plus other small roles from a coulpe of actors of known horror films like Child's Play 2 & Action films. They do their roles quite well . After seeing Landfill l look forward to seeing more projects from the writer/ director of this film .

Reviewed by jvhowell-05996 7 / 10

Could've been better

This wasn't bad honestly. I didn't have much expectations when I decided to play it, and I mostly wanted to see it because of the cast involved and the fact that it's a ghost story involving kids too. Some of the visuals were intriguing and interesting to look at. Some scenes fell flat though but then again that's expected. Some of the acting was mediocre (the main pulled it off though, it was mainly the side characters and the heavy set friend was glasses) some scenes were too long and could have been cut in half, like the other scenes that were shorter and there was action so that's what it needed because it worked. Overall an enjoyable experience.

Reviewed by jessiehenderson-41294 7 / 10

Had potential, I was entertained

This movie had the right pieces including a likeable protagonist (yes, you actually care about your lead), cool plot with a degree of originality, decent practical effects, and a brisk pace- for the most part (it does slow down a bit in the middle). The script seems to be based on a pretty good idea, I would venture to say that the writer started with a concept that was unique, then there were too many ideas and subplots to maneuver. But too many ideas is better than no ideas. I'll take creativity any day over the lack of it.

I liked the metaphors and mirroring images and how a lot of the things and little signs tied back to the plot and foreshadowed, when paying a closer attention.

The acting was a mixed bag , some scenes felt good and above average, and others felt kind of forced. Main kid's acting ranges, she's pretty good at times, but when it's just fine she does enough to avoid you disbelieving the character. Which is a lot better than what I see in recent indie movies. The rough around the edges, tomboy friend was pretty decent, though it was overplayed and kind of much at times. Maybe she was having too much fun playing the character? Dad's the most solid actor in the movie. He's pretty believable and likable. Mom, again average to not so much. But that maybe made her more likable when she became more motherly as the story progressed?

The music was really good and unsetting when it needed to be, and in the right places; giving the overall atmosphere a creepy, ominous vibe. Which worked perfectly, since it lacked actual effective scares, but it was effectively unsettling and unnerving in some areas.

Great production values. The trash heap and garbage cave looks really cool, and for that I wish they utilized them even more and shot more scenes in said environments. And while it was great to see Linda Blair in something recent again (for all the Exorcist fans and fanatics out there and if you're a Blair fan like I am- first the Exorcist Believer and now this! Woot whoot!!) I just wish she had more screen time and her character added more to the story. But then again, it was still one of the bigger cameos she's done in recent movies so there's that.

It was beautifully shot. The cinematography and lighting were really good, and I can say that because I've seen a ton of indie films and there's nothing worse than bad cinematography and badly lit scenes. It just cheapens the whole thing and hurts your eye. So budget well spent and they hired the right people.

With that said, sound was rough in some scenes however, and you could almost tell they tried to cover it with some background noise and foley and what not. I enjoyed the dialog between the characters and I thought some of the stuff was funny, I actually laughed out loud at some of the lines.

Some scenes may be a littler longer than they should've been, but overall I think it's a decent indie film with a unique premise. Sure, it could've been executed better, that's not to say there isn't potential though. I give it a 7/10.

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