Lease on Love


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6/10 10 435 435

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Dan Jeannotte as Milo Asher
Rebecca Liddiard as Poppy Evans
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by harris-93419 8 / 10

Enjoyed this movie despite its shortcomings

I am a big fan of the lead actress in this movie. It took me awhile to figure out who she was but then I remembered her from the Frankie Drake Mysteries tv show. It is on the strength of her performance, and that of the other lead characters that I was able to enjoy this movie despite the unrealistic plot.

Being a fan of romcoms, I could suspend my disbelief despite the plot holes. Boy meets girl and they fall in love. In that regard, I sat back and enjoyed the performances of the two main characters. I also enjoyed the supporting cast. Give the movie a try and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. It is better than the group rating indicates.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 10 / 10


The premise is a slight twist on the fake fiancé. In this case, Poppy is already engaged, for real. Her real fiancé is pretty easy going and accepts her going through with the deception.

Milo is arrogant, yet not overbearing. You almost appreciate his arrogance. Meanwhile Ingrid is a total narcissist and a caricature of an influencer. Normally I would dislike the way Ingrid is overplayed, but I found it at least a little funny. The same goes for Wanda. Tony is also overplayed, but again it works for comedic effect.

I loved Poppy. She has the right mix of humility and competence. She's able to juggle Milo, Ingrid and Joel, at least for a while. She keeps a calm demeanor while panic is building inside. Rebecca Liddiard does a great job.

The chemistry between Rebecca Liddiard and Dan Jeannotte is excellent. There is some great sparring well into the movie. Soon the viewer sees the secret looks by one for the other. The panic mode overtakes the romance and ramps up the humor. The tension builds, but it's benign tension. It's well done. The acting is good. Timing is good. Dialogue is good.

There is a very good scene between Joel and Milo. It is another thing that is well done. And it perfectly sets up the ending. The scene between Milo and Poppy which follows is equally good and well written. And it's not obviously predictable.

What's with Liddliard's overly rosy cheeks that appear frequently. Is that good makeup?

I have watched and reviewed so many Hallmark style rom/coms that I have no idea how many. Easily hundreds if you count Christmas ones. They get stale after a while. They run together. Overused plot lines become quick turn offs. That means it's significant that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and will definitely watch it again.

Reviewed by oharawordmasters 10 / 10

One of the sweetest, best acted Romantic Comedies

I have to start by saying this: I rarely watch Romantic comedies, because typically they are too formulaic and lack depth. However, THIS movie was amazing. Fantastic chemistry between the two leads, believable dialogue, a storyline that could happen (why not?), and a whole lot of humor. Really the entire movie made such a positive impression. It's a real feel good movie. I was smiling and rooting for the leads. I have no idea how anyone could give this movie low marks.

I missed the first bit, and look forward to this movie airing again. I would definitely watch it again and again-it's just that good!

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