Legend of the Lost Tomb


Adventure / Family / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 4.5/10 10 275 275

Top cast

Stacy Keach as Dr. William Bent
Rick Rossovich as Dr. Eric Leonhardt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jdwayside 5 / 10

A Perfect Candidate For MST-ification

This is basically an 80s film that didn't bother getting made until the 90s -- and boy oh boy, this movie's got it all: Cardboard characters, a plethora of movie clichés, a classical Not-Really-Very-British British villain played by none other than Stacy Keach, a thoroughly annoying Boy Wonder, a quasi-wholesome teenybopper jiggle interest, lots of byplay and banter twixt Boy and Girl, fine literature (an Ancient Papyrus and a Teenage Girl's Journal), a Hidden Treasure, more clichés in the form of supporting characters/roles, heaps of I'm-So-Acting acting from a bunch of nobodies (excepting Keach, of course), and a script that's flatter than the proverbial pancake.

Oh, and it's got Stacy Keach as the Villain and he's got a black beard AND an Evil Henchman known as "Scorpion", and they delight in making schoolgirls shriek in terror.

I gave this film five stars but this should be taken as an *average*: If you're looking for a film to be taken seriously, that's a 1. If you're looking for something to riff on and rip apart à la Joel (or Mike) and the Bots, it's an easy 10. Fine fair for a Saturday afternoon when you don't feel like watching the footy and you're looking for any excuse to let the lawn grow just a bit longer.

Ooh ooh ooh -- and did I mention that Stacy Keach plays the villain?

Reviewed by leplatypus 7 / 10

This little production wins where some bigger movies fails ! (DVD)

This isn't my movie but the movies of the kid because it's one of his DVDS. It's a pity that the disc doesn't include subtitles because I din't get the dialogs. Nevertheless, we had great time with this Indiana Jones / Tomb raider for kids.

The young cast is sympathetic (the boy looks like a young John Cena) and Stacy Keach depicts with talent a sophisticated bad guy.

But the real asset of this movie is that it has been shot live in Egypt and Cairo. Thus, you got amazing shots of the pyramids and you can feel the pulse of this great city and its inhabitants. For 2 hours you are gone in a exotic country with an ancestral culture and that's just fine.

Not bad for a mere TV movie with no amazing stars from Hollywood!

Reviewed by JULIEDAVEY 8 / 10

What fun, and if you have visited Egypt, it is especially a good yarn.

If not a fan of Egypt then just enjoy this yarn. If you are a visitor, or like me a very frequent visitor, enjoy the story and especially the locations. You can smell and taste the captivating this most beautiful of countries.

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